Pavilion: Touch Edition is an adventure game that combines two appealing things: genius puzzles and gorgeous graphic design. The game originally hit the App Store in 2017. Now, NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios is bringing it to the Google Play Store on July 23.

Pavilion Mobile
The game is coming to Android on July 23.

On its official Google Play store page, the developer described this upcoming title as a "fourth-person puzzling adventure". That might sound confusing, but in fact, it does make sense. The game basically follows the tradition of mobile puzzle-based adventure games, as players' mission is to help our protagonist get through an imaginary world mixed with reality. But this time, the main character is not for us to control. You have to manipulate the surrounding environment to make him move as you want.

Pavilion 1
Guide the main character through this atmospheric world by manipulating the surrounding environment.

Pavilion: Touch Edition features lots of environmental elements that you can interact with, including lights, sounds, and physical objects. Through intuitive touch controls, you can plan the protagonist' next moves and indirectly guide him through stages. For example, you can ring a bell to make him run to it. Or since he’s afraid of the dark, you can turn a light off to direct him to another place. The puzzles will get harder over time, but they're surely brilliant that you could enjoy it for hours, uninterruptedly.

Pavilion 2
Pavilion: Touch Edition offers such an amazing 2D hand-crafted graphic.

However, the thing that makes Pavilion: Touch Edition incredibly appealing to many players is its gorgeous surreal artwork. The world in Pavilion looks like a fantasy land you've always dreamt of, and is fully hand-crafted. With the dreamy ambient tunes from space-music pioneer Tony Gerber, this is a must-have experience for the fans of mobile adventure titles.

The award-winning Pavilion: Touch Edition is coming to Google Play on July 23. You can already head to its page right now for pre-registration.