Olimdal is a delightful puzzle title that takes place in the library tower of Olimdal - the dream destination of any wizard.

Olimdal was developed by Clocknest Games.

After an unsuccessful attempt at practicing magic written in a mysterious book, a novice wizard accidentally turned the world upside down. Due to his curiousness, the entire world now follows his movements, and so things never stay in the same place ever again.

There is only one way to deal with this situation: our wizard needs to go to the magical tower of Olimdal, get to the highest room, acquire a powerful tome and use it to break the spell. That's also where our journey begins.

It's not easy to cross a room in Olimdal.

The game offers a series of challenges that focus on one simple puzzle element: movement. The floors of Olimdal were designed to be tricky. You cannot just get through the rooms unobstructed. Instead, you have to manipulate each room to your advantage and find your own way to the next room. Your wizardly character will be relocating several things during each level, hopefully he's strong enough to carry out this mission.

Olimdal 2
Use your movements to manipulate the rooms.

Our little apprentice wizard is the only character we are able to control. There are many items in the room, but you will see the ones that are involved in the miss-casted spell highlighted. Remember, all those things will change their place depending on your movement, so figuring out when to move is the key to beating the game.

Olimdal 3
Each room is a new experience.

Puzzler fans will soon find Olimdal is a must-have experience. Developer Clocknest Games really did a great job of bringing many detailed levels to the tower of Olimdal, each of them has a unique setup. Music composing and environment creation were also nicely done. Players can clearly feel the mysterious vibe of an old library for wizards, one that is hiding a spell that needs to be broken.

Let's head to the App Store page for Olimdal. The game is currently purchasable at a price of $1.99 (Rs 140) for a limited time.