There are a lot of ingredients players can collect in Genshin Impact. They are the material for various dishes and can occasionally be traded as part of quests. The game's latest event, Marvelous Merchandise, requires players to find pinecones.

Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best spots to find Pinecones. In Genshin, Pinecones are most often found at the base of trees or in critter hideouts throughout Teyvat, and are by far most common in Mondstadt. Their brown seeds are fairly large and hard to miss.

1. Qingce Village

Overall, this is the easiest place to gather Pinecones in Genshin Impact. Just teleport to the leftmost Qingce Village waypoint and check out the bridge - it has quite a few pinecones on top.

Qingce Village is the best spot for fast pinecones collection.

Players can gather around ten pinecones here in just a few seconds.

2. Near Whispering Woods

There are a lot of pinecones spawning in the region just above Whispering Woods. Scouring it all can yield about twenty pinecones, however, this is not nearly as fast as the first option.

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Near Whispering Woods


3. Starsnatch Cliff

Pinecones are found throughout the lower levels of Starsnatch Cliff. By teleporting to the Midsummer Courtyard domain, players should be able to easily collect them. Just don't head up to Starsnatch Cliff itself, as there are only Cecilias up there.

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Starsnatch Cliff


4. Stormbearer Point

Teleport to the waypoint and head up the mountain next to it. There are tons of pinecones to collect from the trees there.

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Stormbearer Point

5. Stormbearer Mountains

Tons of Pinecones can be found scattered below trees and near Hilichurl encampments throughout the Stormbearer Mountains area.

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Stormbearer Mountains

Pinecones Cooking Usage

  • Mondstadt Hash Brown: Pinecone ×2 + Potato ×1 + Jam ×1
  • Puppy-Paw Hash Brown: Pinecone ×2 + Potato ×1 + Jam ×1
  • Sautéed Matsutake: Matsutake ×3 + Flour ×3 + Pinecone ×2 + Butter ×2

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