Pirate Code, ChinaJoy’ Best Indie Game 2018, is coming out soon for Android and iOS users. Pirate Code is a 5V5 online battle game in which you’ll lead your own ship and attempt to take control of the ocean. Check out the official trailer of the game as below:

Choose your pirate ship

First of all, in order to be the most fearsome pirate, you need to choose among the 12 ships at the beginning. Each and every ship has its own attributes and should give you certain advantages and disadvantages over the competition. Hence, all the ships will move and act in different ways.

Join a 5v5 global naval battle.

Select a fearless captain

Also, make sure your captain has a unique battle ability. Vasco De Gama comes with lethal fireballs. Billy possesses mighty energy waves. Meanwhile, Hattori has an impressive invisibility shield and Catalina owns fearsome frost arrows! Choose your favorite and gain your strategic advantage on the ocean wave! Pirate Code initially offers 10 distinctive pirates and it’s your job to link your captain and the ship to unleash the most power.

Unnamed 4
Pirate your unique ship using your unique captain.

Be smart with your combinations

To dominate the Seven Seas, you need to be strategic and flexible with your captain - ship combination. Sometimes you will be a lone wolf and fight by yourself. However, at some points, you might have to join a fleet before marching towards the battles. Prepare yourself for battles with enhanced armor, cannons or torpedoes before heading out to the vast seas.

Unnamed 3
Explore the vast open world on water.

Pirate Code isn't just an online game

Pirate Code also has an offline mode. In this mode, you will be on some treasure hunts on land and have to stay away from the dangerous water. However, it’s your ultimate objective to defeat Kraken, the legendary monster that owns the most precious treasure in Pirate Code.

1 Pirate Code Pvp Battles At Sea
Keep an eye out for Pirate Code official release.

Watch out for the release of Pirate Code and don’t miss the opportunity to become a pirate king. You can follow Pirate Code on Facebook here and contact the devs for more information here.