In the Master Scrims round of the PUBG Mobile All-Stars India 2019, Fnatic was the winner with 404 points and got the Rs 5 lakh prize for themselves. It seems that they are doing it again as they gained a big head start on the very first day of the Grand Finals.

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Fnatic proved that they weren't just lucky in the Mastery Scrims and they took the top spot with a big lead on Day 1. They earned 71 points with 23 kills and 1 Chicken Dinner while the 2nd place team, Mayhem only got 47 points with 19 kills and 1 Chicken Dinner. Team Insane took third place with 40 points and 1 Chicken Dinner as well. Day 1 of the Grand Finals was supposed to have 5 matches. However, there was some technical issue so only 3 matches were played.

Match 1 Erangel

Winner: Fnatic

The plane flight across the heart of the map, giving teams many landing options. Fnatic played smartly and stay at the edge of the zone all the time to kill teams who wanted to rotate in. As a result, they had more members left in the final circle and were able to run over IND.

Match 2 Sanhok

Pmas Grand Finals Day 1 En Casters Bleh Pcp Kripzz
Team Insane won the 2nd match

Winner: Team Insane

At the start of the match, up to 4 squads landed in Boot Camp, resulted in some early eliminations. Fnatic survived the place by killing other teams while they are fighting each other. However, they lost to Team Insane in the end, but still secured the top position.

Match 3 Erangel

Pmas Grand Finals Day 1 En Casters Bleh Pcp Kripzz
Fnatic lost 2 members due to the circle

Winner: Team Mayhem

This match was played on FPP mode. The first circle covered the Military island so lots of teams decided to rotate inside the circle soon to avoid bridge campers. The final circle was quite tricky, killing many players in the Blue Zone. Team Mayhem managed to keep their whole squad intact so they easily won the final circle.