PUBG Mobile is introduced as a realistic action-adventure game. Although the developers have tried to create the most life-like features for the game, there are still some myths. Let’s check out ten fascinating myths in Myths In PUBG Mobile that can never happen in real life.

Burst BRDM’s Tyres with Around 250 Bullets

Although the tires of the armored BRDM is bulletproof, you can still blow it with about 250 bullets. A PUBG Mobile player made experiments of using an M416 gun attached with expanded mag and shooting 245 bullets from a short distance. Six expanded cartridge-clips and five more bullets blew a BRDM’s tire away.

Blowing Brdms Tire Up With 245 Bullets
Blowing BRDM's Tire Up With 245 Bullets

Flying BRDM

The next interesting myth is that the armored BRDM will fly when losing all tires. In real life, if you take all the wheels apart from the car, it will fall. However, in PUBG mobile, the BRDM will just float in the air if you blow up all its tires. You can test this myth and notice that the BRDM doesn’t fall.

Brdm Floats In The Air
BRDM Floats In The Air

Fire While Sitting In a BRDM

You may think that when getting in a BRDM, we cannot use the weapon. But let’s try firing inside this armored vehicle. You stand near a BRDM, press the firing button and then click on the get in button quickly. And you will notice that you can shoot well when you’re inside the BRDM.

You Can Fire When Sitting In The Brdm
You Can Fire When Sitting In The BRDM

Hit Enemy through Any Container with a Pan

It sounds unrealistic and impossible but it really happens in this mobile game. You can hit an enemy through the container with a pan. It really works but it only works if the enemy stands very close to the container. It's one of the most amazing myths in PUBG Mobile. 

Knock Out Enemy Through Container With Pan
Knock Out Enemy Through Container With Pan

Jump Higher with Jump and Crouch Combo Buttons

This is another myth and secret that not many players know in PUBG Mobile. When clicking on the Jump and Crouch buttons together, you can jump a little higher than normal. You can test it while sprinting in this game.

Jump Higher In Pubg Mobile
Jump Higher In PUBG Mobile

Teleport through the Wall

It seems to be science-fictional and unreal. But it will happen when you stand behind the door which is very close to the wall. The door will push you to the adjacent room when it is opened. It makes you feel like you got teleported through that wall, which is impossible in real life.

Teleport Through The Uall
Teleport Through The Wall

Myths of Damage

If two enemies stand in a queue, only the one standing in front gets damage from bullets. However, if one of your teammates covers in front of an enemy, the enemy still gets shot while your teammate doesn’t. It’s really fictional but reasonable in squad games.

Enemy Always Gets Damage
Damage Myths In PUBG Mobile

A Molotov Doesn’t Cause Damage in Water

In real life, you still get burned when you’re in the water if someone throws a Molotov towards you. But in PUBG Mobile, this kind of weapon doesn’t cause any damage to the enemy in the water. Even when that man is swimming within the flame, he gets no injury from the fire.

You Wont Die Of Mokotov In The Water
You Won't Die Of Molotov In The Water

Float in the Air

If the match finishes while you’re still on the plane, you will float in the air and enjoy your chicken dinner in the sky. However, this one of the most incredible myths in PUBG Mobile only happens in a custom match of two duo team. You can ask your teammate to clear the opponent team while you’re waiting on the plane. Then, you can float in the air, see the whole map under your feet.

Float In The Air
Float In The Air

Get Stuck in the Air

In PUBG Mobile, when the player you follow gets knocked and killed on the parachute you will get stuck in the air. You cannot land on the ground and just glide on your parachute. It looks pretty fun and interesting. Hence, when your friend gets shot in the air, just unfollow him.

Get Stuck In The Air
Get Stuck In The Air

Those are ten interesting myths in PUBG Mobile. You can test and confirm them while playing this game. It would be fun and amazing.