The Group Stage of the PMSC World Cup 2019 has just ended yesterday and we have now determined the 16 teams who will advance into the Finals, which include Entity Gaming.

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16 teams who will go to the Finals of the PMSC World Cup 2019

After 2 days in the Group Stage, RRQ Athena lead the scoreboard by a huge margin with 103 points and 1 Chicken Dinner. Meanwhile the second-place team of group B, Elementrix only got 56 points even though they earned 2 Chicken Dinner. There was only a total of 4 matches in the Group Stage so there was no space for mistakes. RRQ Athena and their consistent have paid off with multiple kills in every single match.

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RRQ Athena totally dominated Group B with 100 points

Entity Gaming really fell flat on the first day of the Group Stage. All they got was 8 points which put them in a really bad spot. They played better on the second day and earned 17 points. That is a total of 25 points for them. However, that is not enough for them to advance to the Finals of the PMSC World Cup tomorrow. Entity Gaming came 11th place in the end and was disqualified as only the best 8 teams from each group will move on. The PMSC World Cup 2019 Finals will happen tomorrow with a total of 5 matches. The winner will take home $100,000.

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The PMAS India is coming to the Grand Finals stages soon

That was very unfortunate for them, but this failure will be another lesson for Entity to learn from and become stronger in the future. In addition, the PMSC World Cup is not the only tournament that Entity Gaming is joining right now. They are also playing in the PUBG Mobile All Stars India and now they can fully focus on it. Tomorrow will be the last day of the PUBG Mobile All Stars India Mastery Scrims which will determine 16 teams to go to the Grand Finals on December 21st - 22nd.