PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular games on both Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store, has recently quite a few cheaters. There have been a lot of reports from players about cheaters in-game, alleging them of manipulating the game by speed hacks, location hacks, etc. After the first ban wave, Tencent yet again has to publish another notice – fair play is one of the most important parts of PUBG, and cheaters will be punished harshly. Below is the general contents of their notice:

Pubg Ban Wave 1620x800
Cheaters have always been a problem in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has used its official Twitter and Instagram accounts to announce the ban wave. While a great many players from the community have vocally approved the company’s action to enforce a fair gaming environment, there are still quite a few complains and negative assessments. As cheating is a universal problem – and the cheater can just create another account – or worse, use another clone that has not been banned, there are still reports of unbanned cheaters. Below is a report by another user who has experienced the cheating players once again in their game – after the ban wave, no less!

A player who was hit with a 3650 days ban

In their official announcement, PUBG Mobile’s developers have also asked users to submit their reports about cheating players, especially those using “unauthorized third party applications” to alter their gameplay, by using the in-game report system. Additionally, the developers said that they will be investigating all the reports as thoroughly as possible – with notifications to the person who reports if the notice was found to be correct. Cheating is bad and PUBG Devs are trying to eradicate it from the game with their system.

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