PUBG Mobile is a fierce and tense shooting game. You need tips and tricks to be better in this game in order to get more Chicken Dinner. Check out the top seven pro tips to get better in this game below.

Pro Tips To Get Better In PUBG Mobile

  • First, you should pre-aim to fire first. When two players encounter, the one fire first will win and the one reflex after will be killed. You should place the crosshair at the chest level so that the second bullet will bound to the head of the enemy.
Pre Aim
You should pre-aim to fire first.
  • Knowing your gun and fire mode is also important to be better in this game. Each type of gun has different features, advantages, and disadvantages. For example, AKM is more powerful but less stable than M416. Besides, the fire mode also matters. For example, you have to spray in close combat, burst tap fire in mid-range combat, and single tap fire in long-range engagements. However, not all PUBG Mobile weapons have all these three fire modes.
Know Your Weapons
Know Your Weapons And Fire Modes.
  • Have a perfect sensitivity setting is very important to play better in PUBG Mobile. You can learn from some streamers, YouTubers, and pro players.
Know Your Position
Know Your Position And Choose A Safe Place To Hide And Engage.
  • The fourth tip is positioning which means you need to know where to stay in ambush or hide. Especially, this tip is very important in FPP mode in which you cannot see your whole body. Many players don't know whether they are spotted or not.
Use Grenade
Make use of all grenades.
  • Teammates are also necessary elements in squad mode. You should play with those who have the mic to communicate. Besides, you should stay close to your team for better teamwork.
Always Keep Your Hp Bar Full
Always Keep Your Hp Bar Full.
  • You also need to make use of all grenades in PUBG Mobile. For example, use frag and stun grenades when rushing houses. Molotov is also useful in rushing and blocking enemies. Besides, you should the smoke grenade to blind enemies to loot in open ground.
Plan Your Movement
Plan Your Movement
  • Movement is also an important skill in PUBG Mobile. Players have to plan their moves base on their playstyle. You can also learn pro movements from pro players on YouTube, practice, and master this skill.