PUBG Mobile 2.9 Frost Kingdom brought many new features to the battleground. Let's check out some myths and tips for the new update here.

#1. Snowball Blaster Blocks Grenade Damage

Snowball Blaster is a new event weapon in the Frost Kingdom update. As introduced, it can be used to build cover and turn players into snowmen. Moreover, you can use Snowball Blaster to block the damage from grenades.

Shoot a snowball to cover the grenade on the ground, you won't take any damage though standing next to it. It's useful if you are rushed when staying inside a house. However, it can't help when you are rushed by the Molotov. You cannot stop the fire with snow. But you should use snowballs to cover the flame and prevent it from spreading.

Block Grenade Damage
You can stay safe from grenade explosions with a snowball blaster.

#2. Blaster Builds Snowball Bridge

You can use the snowball blaster to build a bridge across the river to drive to the other riverbank. It's a safe way to cross rivers in classic maps as enemies cannot camp and surprise you when you need to cross rivers to enter the safe zone. Don't mind landing on the Military Base this Frost Festival as you can build a bridge to drive to the mainland without crossing the bridge.

Build A Bridge For Cars
Use the blaster to cross the river safely.

#3. Blaster Prevents Car Crash

Having a Snowball Blaster may also help you prevent being killed in car accidents. When the enemy's car is running toward you, shoot a snowball in front of the car. Then, it will fly over you or turn in another direction. You can also use this weapon to slow down the enemy's car to attack.

Prevent A Car Crash
Avoid car accidents with this weapon.

#4. DMR Single-Tap With Auto Mod

DMR Auto Mode is a new attachment that enables the auto-fire mode in certain DMRs. But it also reduces the single-tap speed. Therefore, you should remove it when using the single-tap mode to take down enemies in the mid-range.

Remove The Attachment
Remove the attachment

#5. Reload Snowball Blaster

You can reload the snowball blaster with the snow on the ground. When you stand in an area covered with snow, a new button will appear on the screen. Tap on that button to reload the snowball blaster.

Reload Snowball Blaster
Reload snowballs easily when playing in snow-covered areas.

#6. Turn Into A Snowman

You can turn yourself into a snowman by shooting a snowball at your foot. Then, you will be turned into a snowball. It's a wise tip to camp and surprise the enemy. You won't take damage while being a snowman. Moreover, the game does not limit the existing time of the snowman. This tip will help you clear many opponents in the PUBG Mobile 2.9's Snowy Village.

Turn Yourself Into A Snowman
Turn into a snowman to surprise enemies.

Though you won't take damage from bullets in the form of a snowman, the electric zone still causes damage to you. Therefore, you have to turn back to the normal form and rush into the playing zone when the blue zone shrinks.

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