The Frost Festival Update brought many new features to the Classic mode, including weapons, vehicles, maps, and more. Let's check out all PUBG Mobile 2.9 Classic Mode updates you should experience here.

#1. Firearm

The expanded full-auto mod is a new attachment for Designated Marksman Rifles, such as MK12, SLR, Mini-14, SKS, and QBU. It's one of the most anticipated updates in this version. Before this update, you could only use the single-burst mode to tap and shoot single bullets at enemies. This new attachment lets you spray bullets by turning on the full-auto mode for these DMRs.

New Attachment Jpg
The new attachment is expected to increase the pick rate of DMRs in PUBG Mobile.

#2. Vehicles

The health and total fuel of some cars are slightly increased, such as Dacia, Coupe RB, and Mirado. Besides, many 4-wheels are easier to handle thanks to the improvement in stability. You can experience better driving in this game as the handling is smoother and easier. Moreover, the problem of lag when driving is also improved.

Car Updates
Many cars have slightly higher health and fuel capacity.

#3. Maps

There is a new type of building in PUBG Mobile 2.9 - the Custom Garage on every classic map. You can find their locations marked on the minimap. Here are the locations of Custom Garage on all classic maps.

  • Sanhok: between Mongnai and Paradise Resort;
  • Nusa: outside the Regal Resort;
  • Miramar: in San Martin;
  • Livik: in the North of Crabgrass;
  • Vikendi: in the south of Dobro Mesto;
  • Erangel: outside Pochinki.

Get there and spawn the car you want. Select the car in the car menu, then the chosen vehicle will appear in the garage.

Custome Garage
The new Custome Garage can be a hot spot where many players come to get vehicles.

#4. Settings

In the new update of PUBG Mobile, you can reduce the noise interference. In addition, the game also allows you to choose between Machete and Dagger to carry. Moreover, there is a new Quick Camera button on the top right corner of the screen, allowing players to take a screenshot quickly and record the moment of victory.

There are some points of Quick Firework View on the map. When interacting with these points and entering this mode, you can enjoy fireworks performance quickly. However, you will not see enemies while enjoying the fireworks. So, it's pretty dangerous in this game mode.

Enjoy Fireworks
Enjoy fireworks performance instantly. 

#5. Animations

Many new emotes are added to the game. The bolt-action rifle animation is also improved. These updates make the game more interesting and cinematic. Snipers and campers will love the update for bolt-action rifles, such as:

  • Smoother gun handling;
  • Better transitions of animation when reloading Mosin Nagant and Kar98k;
  • Reload animation when lying prone is also improved.
Better Animation
Better animations when using Bolt-action sniper rifles.

These enhancements and improvements in the classic mode are supposed to improve your experience when playing for Rank. There are some other enhancements in the matching function, lobby, and adding friends. Just come and experience them on your own!

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