A lot has been going on in the discussion about the possible release of PUBG Mobile 2 lately. Being a premier name in the Battle Royale genre, the coming of a new PUBG game will definitely attract the attention of the public.

And now, as reliable leaks suggest, the much-awaited PUBG Mobile 2 may go online as early as next week. Back in January, it was revealed that the next version of the game was under development by Krafton.

New Look Pubg 2
PUBG Mobile Is Getting A Brand New Look

If the leaks are correct and the release of PUBG Mobile 2 comes next week, Krafton could once again assert its dominance in the mobile gaming market. In his tweet, the leaker thought that the new game will be available on both Android and iOS. He also said it may be released during the ongoing PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 Event.

Here is the key information you need to know about PUBG Mobile 2.

Features of PUBG Mobile 2?

PUBG Mobile 2 is going to be a refreshing look at Krafton's hit game. It sets out to offer players a new gaming experience on the popular BR title with various gameplay elements. According to the leak, here are a few key features of PUBG Mobile 2.

Pubg Mobile 2 Leaks
We Simply Can Not Wait Any Longer

1. Futuristic Gameplay setup

According to speculations, the second version of PUBG Mobile will base in the year 2051. That's why we believe that, if it's true, the game will feature futuristic weapons and overall gadgets. However, the most important factor is still its graphics. It has to achieve the overall balance between performance and appearance. There are high hopes for a title like this. And let's cross our fingers for the game to meet the expectations.

New Map Pubg 2
New Version, New Look, New Map, New Experience

2. A New Map

It’s also being speculated that PUBG Mobile 2 will be likely to feature a new map. Currently, we don’t have enough information to say it for sure, but the map may tie to the whole futuristic theme.