With the hope for a re-release of PUBG Mobile in India fading, people are desperately looking for an alternate to sate their PUBG thirst. In that case, what could be better than a sequel? Based on a post from PlayerIGN, a famous PUBG Mobile Leaker, we can get PUBG Mobile's sequel very soon.

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In this article, we would discuss the differences between PUBG Mobile and its rumored sequel.

1 - About PUBG Mobile 2

The world of PUBG Mobile 2 would be based on PUBG Mobile, but at a later point in the timeline... on the year 2051. This is probably an attempt to break out from the usual PUBG settings - the devs would be able to use brand new guns, locations, architecture and more. The futuristic gadgets might be the main selling point of the game. The Main Map of PUBG Mobile 2 is going to be a brand new one instead of the usual Erangel.

The game would be available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Indian government would not be able to block its release because PUBG Mobile 2 is a completely different game.

2 - What is the biggest difference between PUBG Mobile 2 and the normal version?

It is likely that PUBG Mobile 2 would be a cross-play title, with gamers on PC, console and mobile being able to play together, just like Fortnite. The game's design and controls would have to be optimized, as PC players would have an inherent advantage.

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