Look like PUBG Mobile's journey of revival in India is much harder than anyone would have thought. After getting banned back in September 2020 and server shutdown in November 2020, the game and its fanbase have spent months inside a limbo state, not knowing when the game would be available again.


In this article, we would list out everything revealed so far about PUBG Mobile India.

1 - The state of PUBG Mobile India's revival

The announcement for PUBG Mobile Indian version was made on November 12th, 2020. Along with that announcement PUBG Corporation also announced its plans to set up a subsidiary in India, employing professionals from various fields... and an ambitious plan to invest $100 million in India to boost the country's entire esports landscape.

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A lot of fans are missing the chicken dinner

They seem to have fulfilled the first part of their promise, with the brand PUBG India Private Limited registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Two new Indian Directors (Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hyunil Sohn) were recruited, along with a new operation team.

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The new green blood effect in PUBG Mobile India

However, their efforts to come back were blocked in December - based on experts' opinion, this delay process might last until at least March this year. This is bad news, as the longer the delay, the worse things would get for the game - more and more people would move on.

2 - What are the changes in PUBG Mobile India?

The most important changes are that the game would be "customized" for younger audiences, with all the violent parts toned down. The island of PUBG is not real anymore - it is now set in a virtual simulation training ground, with characters starting fully clothed and bleed green when shot.

Pubg Update
PUBG Mobile's Health Reminder would kick players out

The dreaded "game-time restriction" would be added to the game - each account would only be able to play 6 hours before getting booted out.