The long wait for the PUBG Mobile 3.3 update is over. Players have been eagerly waiting for Ocean Odyssey, and yesterday, PUBG Mobile confirmed the release date for the update.

PUBG Mobile 3.3 release date

Pubg Mobile 3 3

The next PUBG Mobile update will launch on July 11, 2024. It includes the new Ocean Odyssey mode, as well as new features, challenges, and weapons.

PUBG Mobile 3.3: What’s new?

New Atlantis Mode

Pubg Mobile 3 3 Atlantis Mode

The upcoming PUBG Mobile 3.3 update will introduce a new mode called 'Atlantis Mode'. In this mode, players can battle underwater and interact with various underwater elements.

New Point of Interest (POI): Ocean Palace

Besides the new theme mode, the update will introduce a fresh Point of Interest (POI) in the game named Ocean Palace. This location promises intense battles and valuable loot for adventurous players willing to explore its depths.

New Flying StingRay

Pubg Mobile 3 3 Flying Stingray

Players will also have the ability to fly using StingRay fish. These airborne StingRays can be found randomly as part of ground loot, adding an exciting new dimension to the gameplay experience.

New Weapon Trident

These new weapons enable players to generate tornadoes that can lift and hurl enemies and directly eliminate them.

Erangle Map Updates

According to Natural YT, a popular BGMI content creator, there will be adjustments to the Erangel map. The Mylta area is said to be changing with additional houses and some structural modifications.

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