Mecha Fusion mode in PUBG Mobile 3.2 has many interesting features. It would be best to have some pro tips and strategies to master this mode. Besides, check out some new exciting myths in the Mecha Fusion update here.

Mecha Fusion
Mecha Fusion Patch

#1. New Parachute Myth

Many players think that they can jump off the flying glider and open the parachute in the air to land safely. However, the game mechanic does not allow players to escape this flying vehicle at a high altitude. Therefore, you need to reduce the altitude and spam the Exit button. After escaping, you must quickly open the parachute or your character will die of fall damage.

Glider Myth
Decrease the altitude first.

#2. Vehicle Exploration Delay

In the Mecha Fusion patch, PUBG Mobile vehicles will not explode immediately. Instead, it will explode after around 3 seconds. This delay allows players to escape the fully damaged vehicle and save their lives in some situations. After jumping out of the vehicle safely, you can use its remains as a cover to engage.

#3. Removed Friendly Fire

The annoying friendly fire mechanic by using vehicle explosion was removed from PUBG Mobile Patch 3.2. You cannot fire to damage a vehicle when your teammate is sitting inside it. Then, you don't need to worry about toxic teammates who often destroy other players' experience.

Friendly Fire
The friendly fire mechanic in PUBG Mobile vehicles is removed.

#4. Recall Teammates

Many PUBG Mobile players rumored that we could recall dead teammates using the respawn beacon after the respawn tower is deactivated. However, the respawn beacon does help you bring your teammates back. You must use the activated respawn tower. In addition, don't trust the myth that you can recall yourself with this new gadget.

#5. Using Personal AED Kit

The personal AED kit is a self-revival item in the Mecha Fusion mode. There is a myth that you can use this gadget more than once. But in fact, you can use an AED once only and it will be removed from your inventory after you revive yourself. Besides, each player can bring only one AED kit in their backpack at once. After using it up, just go to find a new one for survival.

AED kit is very useful for survival. It also allows you to self-revive if you are knocked underwater. Therefore, you'd better prioritize this item when looting supplies.

Personal Aed
Always bring an AED kit.

#6. Detecting Enemy's AED

This is a secret tip that pro players don't want to let you know: After knocking an enemy, you can see an AED icon next to their name in the kill feed if he has one kit. It means that the knocked enemy can revive himself. So, you can quickly finish him to prevent him from self-reviving.

#7. Magnetic Gun Defense

The new magnetic gun is not only fun but it's helpful for combat. You can use it to pick a rock on the open ground and cover it in front of you to prevent most bullets. This tip is helpful when you must run through an open space to rush enemies in a house or behind a cover.

Use Magnetic Gun
Use the magnetic gun to defend.

Those are the best tips and tricks in the PUBG Mobile Mecha Fusion mode of Patch 3.2. Stay tuned for further guides on

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