PUBG Mobile 3.1 introduced an amazing feature - Home. It allows PUBG Mobile players to design, construct, and decorate their houses in a separate world, where they return for a rest after survival battles. The new Ancient Capital-Themed Home pack is a stunning item to get. Let's see how to obtain this pack here.

I. How To Get Ancient Capital-Themed Home

PUBG Mobile 3.2's Home system offers players a new home pack in the traditional architecture style of Japan. It's only available to obtain between May 18th and 31st, 2024. PUBG Mobile players must reach Level 3 in the Home system to get this object pack.

This congratulatory ancient capital house object pack is available in the event center. You can try to roll the lucky spin to obtain the full pack or purchase each item with Home Coin. Don't forget to plant the home tree to get Home coins. You need lots of Home coins to purchase blueprints.

Ancient Capital Themed Home
Ancient Capital-themed Home is available to obtain now.

II. How To Level Up In PUBG Mobile Home

You can find the Level button on the top left corner of the screen, above the Navigation button. Or else, interact with the butler of your home to enter the Management mode. PUBG Mobile players can manage their home and upgrade it in this mode.

Check the condition to upgrade and fulfill missions to meet it. When you meet the condition and get enough Home Coins for the degradation, tap the Upgrade Button to level up your Home. Then, you will earn rewards for reaching the new level of your Home.

Pubg Mobile Home
Level up in the Mode mode by completing missions and commissions.

III. How To Build Your Dream Home

To assess your Home, open the mode menu and navigate to the WOW section. Then, you can see the Home option on the horizontal bar. Upon entering the Home Mode, you can learn how to build a simple house in the Tutorial. Here's how to build a house in this game mode.

  • Purchase the blueprint of the roof, wall, door, window, floor, ornamental items, etc.
  • Talk to the Butler and enter the Build mode.
  • Go to the unlocked area for your house.
  • Select the blueprint and aim at the spot where you want to place the structures or items.
  • Place the item in the designated location.

Keep in mind that you cannot place construction items in the locked area. You need to level up in the Home System to expand your area and hour mansion.

Pubg Mobile Home Mode
Build a house in PUBG Mobile to have fun with friends.

That's how to get the new building pack of Ancient Capital-Themed Home in PUBG Mobile 3.2. Let's build an Asian-style traditional house to invite your friends to visit and have a relaxing time in your chilling mansion.

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