PUBG Mobile is a shooting game featuring the first and third perspective modes. There are many maps with different sizes to play. Choosing the proper weapon for each map is one of the key factors affecting your performance and overall result. Here are the best weapon tips from pro players in PUBG Mobile that will help you master this battle royale game quickly.

Pubg Mobile Squad
Master PUBG Mobile weapons.

#1. Select the right weapons by your role

PUBG Mobile offers dozens of weapons of different categories. Each type of gun has significant utilities and advantages, fitting the demands of each role.

  • Snipers have sniper rifles and DMRs.
  • Front-liners have shotguns, SMGs, and ARs to use.
  • Supporters, fraggers, and drivers are advised to pick ARs and auto machine guns.

Each role should pick a proper weapon to optimize its power and win every fight.

Attachment Utility
Weapon selection

#2. Select the right weapons by map size

PUBG Mobile has two large maps, two medium-sized maps, and two small maps. The weapon selection must also be made based on the map size.

  • Assault rifles and submachine guns are the best options for small maps. Pro players often use a combo of AR and shotgun, especially in esports competitions.
  • Pair an AR with a bolt-action sniper in the medium-size and large maps. Or else, you can use a combo of AR and DMR to cover all firing ranges.

You can use different weapons based on instant strategies and the flow of the matches.

Select The Right Weapon
Pick the best weapon based on map size.

#3. Detect enemies by weapon sound

PUBG Mobile pro players often advise you to use decent earphones to detect enemies' positions by their footsteps and gun sounds. Especially, each weapon has a unique sound. Therefore, you can determine the gun they use and count the damage you may take before rushing or making any decision. If you master the gun sound, you will have a proper strategy to win combat.

Make Use Of All Slots
Hear the gun sound.

#4. Attachment makes sense

Attachments also improve weapons to some extent. For example, the compensator helps reduce the barrel recoil and improve stability, which also helps raise the accuracy. The silencer is useful for snipers and makes them invisible from enemies on the minimap by suppressing the gun sound.

Besides, you'd better pick the red dot for AR and SMGs to aim in close and short-range combat. PUBG Mobile also offers mid-range and long-range scopes for better vision in mid to long-range firing. Bullet magazines are also helpful for ARs, SMGs, machine guns, and DMRs.

Make Decision Based On Map Size
Use proper attachments.

#5. Combine weapons wisely

Remember that you have two gun slots and one pistol slot, though pistols are only picked in the early phase of the game. It's vital to combine two main guns wisely to cover all gunfight ranges and survive in such as fierce battle. For example:

  • Snipers should combine a bolt-action sniper with an AR or machine gun.
  • Rushers and assaulters can pick two ARs or combine an AR with a DMR/Shotgun/SMG.
Weapon Selection
Weapon combos are essential.

Those are the top pro weapon tips in PUBG Mobile 2024. Share your tips with us by leaving a comment. Stay tuned for more PUBG Mobile tips and news on

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