What is a Classic Crate in Battlegrounds Mobile India? In BGMI, there are three types of crates: Classic Crate, Premium Crate, and Supply Crate. Each crate offers different rewards and prices.

  • The Classic Crate is the priciest, offering most of the premium rewards. The event has two Legendary Sets and other rewards such as accessory skins, a helmet, and a backpack skin. It also has a luck level system, ensuring a reward after 50 draws.
  • The Premium Crate is also costly but features a luck level system, guaranteeing a reward after a certain number of draws.
  • The Supply Crate is the most affordable, allowing players to use the AG currency to obtain rewards.

The Classic Crate's most coveted item is the M416 Glacier skin, available periodically. Upon the latest update,

Newest BGMI Classic Crate rewards

The Classic Crate in BGMI offers a variety of rewards, including character costumes and weapon skins, which players can obtain through the event draw. It features skins for several weapons, such as the Honey Badger and M16A4.

The event started on May 30th and will run for a month.

Classic Crate Rewards
BGMI Classic Crate package is available for a month.

Below are the rewards that players can get from the most current BGMI Classic Crate:

  • Squeaklogy Set
  • Squeaklogy Cover
  • Squeaklogy Honey Badger skin
  • Squeaklogy Helmet skin
  • Sweet Bunny Set
  • Sweet Bunny Backpack skin
  • Silly Kitten Backpack skin
  • Kitten Wand Crowbar skin
  • Pastel Puff M16A4 skin
  • Amplifier Set
  • FM/AM Helmet skin

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How to get BGMI Classic Crates

Follow these steps to draw rewards from the BGMI Classic Crate:

  • Launch the app and tap on "Crates" in the upper right corner of the main screen.
  • Find and select the "Classic Crate."
  • Choose from two draw options:
    • "Open Once" for a single draw, which costs 60 UC or 1 Classic Crate Coupon.
    • Draw 10 times at once for 540 UC or 10 Classic Crate Coupons.
Classic Crate
There are three ways to earn Classic Crate rewards in BGMI.

There are additional ways to obtain Classic Crate rewards in BGMI:

  • Earn through Gameplay: You can obtain Classic Crates by completing specific in-game achievements. For example, reaching a certain level or winning a set number of matches will reward you with Classic Crates. Regularly participating in events and completing daily missions can also increase your chances of earning these crates.
  • Find in Supply Drops: During BGMI matches, keep an eye out for Supply Drops, which are random boxes that appear on the map. These drops can contain a variety of rewards, and occasionally, you might find Classic Crates inside them. Make sure to check these drops whenever you encounter them, as they can be a valuable source of rare items.

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