The backpack system is one of the mechanics that sets PUBG Mobile apart from many other battle royale titles. Its idea is simple: you can only fit a limited amount of items in your backpack, but its impact is huge. Because you can only carry so much, you have to choose what to keep and what do discard, and that will very often depend on the specific situation that you are in. However, here are some items that you will want to keep with you at all time, as they will always prove useful:

Med Kits, First Aid Kits, and Painkillers

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Medical items are essential for your health

It doesn’t matter how good you are at the game, you are bound to take damage at some point. And when you are low on health, you won’t be able to stand your ground in a gunfight for long, meaning even the most powerful weapons will not be of much use. Luckily, there are several items like First Aid Kits, Med Kits, and Painkillers that allow you to recover your health. These are among the most essential things in the game, and as such, you should always try to stock as much of them as possible.

4x and 8x Scopes

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A scope can give you a big advantage

Improving your range of vision is crucial in PUBG Mobile, since it can come in handy in many situations. With improved vision range, you can spot enemies hiding in ambush more easily, or snipe people from afar.

If possible, always try to keep a 4x and an 8x scope. While you might not have to use both, keeping them prevents others from getting their hands on these items, which gives you an advantage.

5.56 ammo

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Many assault rifles in the game use 5.56 rounds

Almost all ARs in PUBG Mobile use 5.56 rounds, so keep as many as you can find. In most cases, you will be able to find a use for them. The only time you might want to consider dropping these is when you don’t have a weapon that uses this kind of bullet in the second half of a match.

AR and Sniper Suppressors

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Suppressors are incredibly valuable

Suppressors are undoubtedly the most valuable attachments in the game, as it can heavily tip the scales in your favor. Because of their impact, these attachments incredibly rare, so if you are lucky enough to find one, pick it up immediately. And even if you somehow manage to get more than one, keep them all to deny them from others.