The developers of PUBG Mobile don't seem to run out of ideas to keep their Battle Royale game fun and challenging at the same time. After they succeeded in remaking Erangel twice, with day and night, they also made Sanhok wet with rain and fog which made it difficult for players to see.

And recently, PUBG Mobile has released a sandstorm mode on the Miramar map which will certainly provide new challenges for sniper rifle users in particular.

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Although it might seem more difficult to survive in a map that is open and covered by a sandstorm, there are a number of ways that can help you to survive and succeed in getting Chicken Dinner. How to do that you ask? Keep reading to find out:

5 Tips to Overcome Duse Haze on Miramar in PUBG Mobile

Find a Safe Spot on High Ground

When you play on a map that limits your field of view, you need to take advantage of buildings and compounds that are on the plateau. The point is to prevent you from sudden attacks from higher up or clear areas. If you are on high ground, when the enemy is around you will definitely find it easier to detect their presence.

We Have The High Ground! (PUBG Mobile Moment) - pubg mobile 5 tips survive dust haze miramar

Don't Snipe from Too Far Away

Sniping from too far away will only make it difficult for you to find the position of the enemy when blocked by a dust storm, and the enemy can take advance of this situation to find out where your position is.

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If you are not sure the enemy can be paralyzed in one shot, then it's better to not fire any bullet. Your real option is for you to keep your position so that you cannot be easily detected by the enemy from the sound of the gunfire you make.

Use a Muzzle Suppressor or Flash Hider

When you are in a place that does not have good visibility, then the main thing that needs to be protected is the position of you and your team of course. Therefore, try to use a muzzle suppressor or flash hider when shooting to eliminate flash from your weapons so that the enemy may not easily figure out where you are.

Look for Fast Vehicles

When you are in this low-visibility condition, do not use cars or vehicles with low speed and poor maneuverability. For example, avoid Motorcycle with Sidecar or Mini Bus.

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The Mini Bus does have strong endurance but in this condition, it is a poor choice compared to the Pickup or Mirado. Which is why it's better to use a fast vehicle so that your position changes quickly, further confusing the enemy looking for you.

Frag Grenades are Important

In a dust haze, the Frag Grenade serves to detect the presence of enemies that you still haven't figured out exactly where they are. You can throw a frag grenade in the direction of the place that you suspect there are enemies to be certain of the presence of enemies within the explosive area.

With these 5 tips, you will surely be a more deadly desert assassin even as the dust storms are raging all around you. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at