As a major Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile provides various types of weapons that you can use. Some PUBGM weapons are the favorite of many players, but there are some that are always avoided by many players. These weapons are rarely used by these players for a number of reasons that are incompatible with their play styles.

These weapons are unused either due to low damage, weak fire rate, high recoil, maybe even the reload time is too long. These reasons all make sense because not all weapons have well-rounded characteristics, and major weaknesses can hurt most play styles.

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So what are the weapons that are rarely used? And what are the reasons that make lots of players always avoid them? Keep reading to find out:

5 PUBG Mobile Weapons that are Almost Never Used By Players


This weapon shoots not using bullets, but with bolts. The release sound is almost non-existent and very difficult for any enemy to hear. However, many players don't want to use this weapon due to its long reload time, and can only fire one shot after a single reload. The distance that the bolt travels also isn't too long, as well as the small distribution of these bolts on a map.

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Considered ineffective, this weapon is often passed by as the players are looting. Chances are, you might be one of those players who don't care about crossbows!

MK47 Mutant

This AR weapon has properties similar to the M16A4. Both are Assault Rifle weapons that do not have a full-auto mode. And if you want to shoot, you can only use Burst and Single mode. Although, this weapon has very high damage for its AR class. Even when compared to the AKM, the MK47 Mutant still has higher damage.

PUBG lại lộ súng mới MK47 Mutant -

However, its high recoil makes the players not very comfortable when using it. So they prefer to use the M16A4 rather than this Mutant rifle.


These LMGs are rarely taken from the Airdrop Crates when players open them. This weapon does have a high damage and fire rate, and the M249 is able to fire 100 bullets in one magazine. However, it turns out that this weapon is rarely used because of its high recoil and very long reload time, so many players don't bother with this LMG.

But for competitive players whose role is an aggressive rusher, these weapons inevitably have to be mastered to break through enemy defenses quickly.

Thompson/Tommy Gun

This weapon does not have a slot to attach sights or scope to the upper rails, so players are rarely comfortable when using this weapon. But the Thompson still has a high fire rate and low recoil. For those of you who are good at shooting without using a scope, it is one of the best weapons to master in PUBG Mobile!

Tommy Gun | Wiki | PUBG Mobile Amino


This DMR is rarely used because its recoil makes players frustrated. In fact, many players would prefer to use the SKS to replace the SLR. This is in spite of the SLR having higher damage than the SKS.

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