In Free Fire we have lots of Pros and Noobs who are all competing to be the best. And sometimes, competition can make you forget that there are some things you cannot do in the game. According to Garena, there are some rules that must be obeyed or you will receive a harsh punishment.

Some of these rules have been from the beginning of Free Fire, and later new rules are added and newer ones will be added in the future. As Free Fire keeps gaining more and more players, there will be some players who are punished for violating the restrictions without knowing what they are.

Are you curious about what you could accidentally violate in Free Fire? If yes, keep reading to learn more about them, and not do something that you might regret later!

5 Things That Could Get You a Ban in Free Fire

Using VPN

As we know VPN is an application, which can help you be able to access the internet on servers outside of your country. Usually, things like this are used by many people, to circumvent certain sites that are blocked by your country. Some Free Fire players use this to access rewards and events in other servers.

free fire 5 reasons for getting banned without cheating using vpns

But in the game, you are strictly forbidden to use VPN to do what Garena has not intended for you to do. If you use VPNs or similar apps, the chances are high that you are exposed to getting banned by Free Fire. And with the new anti-cheat system already in place, it will detect that there is a 3rd-party cheat or application.

To make sure you don't receive a ban on your account, try to avoid using any VPN while playing.

Being Toxic to Others

Every player has their own behaviors and ways to play differently from other players. Usually, Pro players who are very good must not only play well but also maintain good manners and respect. But for other players, you can meet other people in the Squad who will be very toxic like cursing a lot and playing very selfishly.

When there are toxic players, this would make a lot of players very upset because they will continue to be like that when playing Free Fire with others. But don't worry for all of you who are already upset, because Garena has provided a Report System when the match is over.

If many people who played made a report on the player, he will receive punishments given due time. Usually, a ban for this will last from 3 days to 1 month, if he continues to be toxic after others already muted him.

Illegal Diamond Top-Up

When you play Free Fire, you really want to have lots of Diamonds to buy all the cool items in it. Some players will do whatever it takes to get as many diamonds as possible. Some dedicate their time to playing the game, but some use illegal means to get them.

Free Fire Diamond Generator: free fire 5 reasons for getting banned without cheating

If you top up in a dirty or illegal way, that's definitely a ground to get banned in the game. A ban that is handed out can only be erased by redeeming those illegal diamonds. If not, you won't be able to continue playing the game. This prevents you from topping up illegally and buying something with illegal diamonds.

Very often illegal top-up services can occur in many online games, such as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire where it happens more frequently than others. The punishment given is paying for a ransom that was explained before, so you have to pay first before you can get rid of this punishment.

AFK - Away from Keyboard

AFK means that you or those who do this will just stay in the game until they die because of the Zone or getting killed by the enemy later. This AFK behavior, for example, is not really a problem if you play in solo mode. But if you do this in Squad or Duo Mode, it is definitely a problem.

If you are found to be AFK a lot, you will always get a stern warning in Free Fire. But if you do a lot of AFK when competing, the punishment given will be even more severe. In Clash Squad Mode, this punishment will certainly hurt a lot.

Playing in Clash Squad and doing AFK can result in you receiving a ban. Initially, you will be banned for only a few minutes, but later you will be subject to a ban that lasts from 1 Day to 1 Month.

Using a Script or Illegal Program, or Playing with a Cheater

We save the best for last, or rather, the worst, one where you would receive the most severe punishment. If a player gets caught, he will definitely get banned immediately. Cheating in Free Fire comes in a variety of types, but you shouldn't use any of these things at all.

Free Fire bans 89.6K accounts permanently – free fire 5 reasons for getting banned without cheating

Cheating with scripts or apps harms the game and ruins any players who encounter such behavior. Which is why Garena has been taking decisive actions, where they will hand out a permanent ban on any cheater caught. Other than cheaters who are banned, Illegal Script users can get permanently banned too.

The ban would also ban your device, so you can't just come back and cheat later. In addition, if you play together with a player who cheats, you can get banned for up to 1 month. The tough punishments are for the sake of maintaining the game, as well as denying the ability to increase Free Fire rank by using cheats later.

Now that you know the most important reasons that can get your account banned, you now know to always be careful and do not violate any of them. If you do anything that results in a 1 Day or 1 Month ban, think of it as your warning to not do it again. But if the ban is permanent, it is Garena saying "we can't help you anymore".

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