The highly-anticipated Zombie Mode for PUBG Mobile is already available in the beta servers and will go live very soon. While the zombies are certainly the highlight here, this upcoming mode also promises to bring a few several exclusive weapons to the game. Read on to know more about them

As we reported before, in this new zombie mode ‘Sunset,’ you will have to try to survive against waves of zombies and other monstrous creatures. To help players with this, the developers have added three new and unique weapons, including a combat knife, the MI34 Minigun, and even a flamethrower.

Pubg Minigun
The MI34 Minigun

The combat knife, as you might expect, is a melee weapon suitable for those who want to get up close and personal. It is capable of taking down a regular zombie with just one single swipe. However, having to get close means players must be careful not to get overwhelmed by the zombies’ sheer number.

The M134 Minigun is a machine gun that can unleash 200 rounds of 7.62mm bullets in one barrage.  This rate of fire is comparable to, if not higher than, the M249 light machine gun. It is the weapon to go for when you want to mow down a large wave of zombies or put suppressive fire on a boss.

The flamethrower, as its name implies, throws flame. It is an incredibly fun weapon to use, as nothing is more satisfying than roasting a horde of zombies and watch them burn.  This weapon is fueled by gas that can be obtained from the slain zombies, so in order to continuously use it, you have to say in the front lines pretty much at all time.

Pubg Flamethrower
The flamethrower in action

Of course, besides these three unique weapons, the normal weapons of PUBG Mobile are still present as well, and they are still pretty effective. Normally you only need three shots to kill a normal zombie from any range.

Check out the video below to see the unique zombie-slaying weapons in action: