PUBG Mobile All Stars Cup’s First Season will begin on August 27th, with 40 best squads from both India and Nepal participating. All-Stars Cup is a tournament created by Offsider, with support from PaiN and Dragon. Below is everything you want to know about this Rs. 30,000 tournament.

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PUBG Allstars cup - organized by Offsider Esports

Forty teams that are invited for the league will be separated into two brackets, each contains twenty teams. The group stage would be held on August 27 for group A and 28 for group B. Three games will be played between the squads and the top 10 teams will advance to the grand final – with a shot for the Rs 30,000 prize.

Below is the list of contains the 20 teams from Group A:

Group A

In group B, we have-

Group B

There are a lot of familiar names that whoever is familiar with PUBG Mobile competitive scene would recognize such as Team SouL, team X, and Team IND

The twenty teams who were chosen from the group stage will duke it out in the grand finals, between August 31 and September 3. This tournament will use the same scoring system as PUBG Mobile India Tour – based on the number of kills and position.

This will be the clash of the titans, as every good team in India are in the competition

Based on sources, both the group stages and the finals will be played across all the maps, in both first-person perspective and third-person perspective. The specific selections, however, would be random, done by the organizers.

The prize pool of Rs. 30,000 will be divided among the top 3 squads of the tournament, with the first, second and third getting Rs. 15000, 10000 and 5000 respectively.

The games will be live-streamed in both English and Hindi by casters from sponsors organization.

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