PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019’s second episode has just been released. During which, the players did a 4 hours session of warming up matches as they compete for ranking points.

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PMSC 2019 strikes again with its 2nd episode

After the 1v1 match in the first episode, the content creators have done picking their team and this time, there will be 16 squads competing against one another. Due to its nature of being just a series of warm-up matches, quite a few players did not take it seriously.

In the episode, the teams were not required to play against each other and they can just queue into random games. Winners are determined by calculating the differences between the teams’ initial plus final ranking points.

Another thing that adds to the excitement is that the players can use any accounts to play the warmup games. This put them in a difficult position – since they would have to choose between their prided high-level accounts and easy points.

The result of the warm-up matches is obviously not to be taken seriously – the main reason behind the games is that by playing together, the creators and players would get more or less acquainted with each other’s playstyles. After four hours of duking it out in PUBG, the ranking for the warmups were announced. The top three teams would be treated to dinner while the others only get bread.

Dynamo and his team

Amongst India’s team, Dynamo along with Team Sixty Nine did really well during the 4 hours warm-up, as they ranked fourth, just a little behind the 3rd team. The other three creators and teams did not do very well – coming 8, 11 and 12. Gareebooo with team IND was 8th, Kronten with Elite Gaming was 11th and TheRawKnee with Team SouL placed 12th.

TheRawKnee and Team SouL

The upcoming episode of PMSC will be available for viewing on August 25. The grand final of the tournament would be held at the Heping Basketball Stadium in Taipei, on September 7th and 8th – with a prize pool of $250,000.