PUBG Lite devs have never failed to deliver players with fresh new updates and events – this time is not different. Along with the frequent patch and hotfixes, PUBG Lite has been updated with events at a rapid speed, giving the participated players a lot of new goodies. Fashion Week is another one of that, which would give free and permanent rewards in the form of in-game items.

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Skin related events are pretty common in PUBG

This event, however, is not an in-game activity. The main part will be held on one of the most popular social media platform in India – Facebook. PUBG Lite’s official Facebook page has posted the announcement for this event very recently:

After the completion of this event, the players who join will get an awesome skin reward. Let’s take a gander at the details about the competition – coupled with the steps to participate.

PUBG Lite Fashion Week is held officially by PUBG Lite Facebook Page online. By joining in this event, players are rewarded with a beautiful permanent outfit. The event lasts until the 28th of August, free for all to participate.

Prize: Brand New cash costume set in Random Color

The reward will be available to grab after the event concludes, on the 29th of August. An email with a redeemable code will be sent to your email.

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Dress up in your best costume and join the competition

Steps to join this event:

Firstly, you need to get three friends into a lobby, after that, you and your friends would have to wear the best outfit available. Take a screenshot after that then upload it to your Facebook Profile. Remember to use the tag “@PUBG LITE”, plus the hashtag of #PUBG Lite.

For identification, leave the in-game names of your squad in the comment section of the previously mentioned post.

After completing all the steps mentioned above, your registration to the event would be complete.