For most players, PUBG Mobile is supposed to be a game requiring a lot of tactics and reflexes. But regardless of how well you understand the mechanics of the game and your skill level, a zone camper can always sneak in a victory when you least expect it.

Many Battle Royale shooter games struggle with these kinds of players. Even if players need to prove themselves over combat rather than loot, the campers can still steal victories without taking that risk.

Although, PUBG Mobile has recently introduced a new way to combat this problem with Bluehole Mode, also known as Safety Scramble. This new game mode accompanied the latest 0.18.0 update that went live on May 7. Let’s take a look at what Bluehole Mode adds and why it would probably stay around permanently.

Bluehole Mode/Safety Scramble in PUBG Mobile

Bluehole Mode, otherwise known as Safety Scramble, introduced a new anti-camping mechanic that could significantly rebalance the PUBG Mobile ecosystem. One of its most important mechanic has become the name for the mode itself, the Bluehole Mode, whereas the name of it is officially Safety Scramble. But the two can be used interchangeably.

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The new Bluehole Mode greatly decreases instances of players camping in the safe zone, except for the most risky players

While Safety Scramble is good, Bluehole Mode describes the mechanic of this new mode itself, and this mechanic is really what should stick around long after 0.18.0 update has released.

Bluehole Mode starts the game with two different zones. The big zone is what we all know about, representing where the gas will soon move to. Because of how the zone keeps shrinking throughout the game, it forces players to meet in the middle.

The second zone in Bluehole Mode is where interesting things happen. This zone is present right at the beginning of the game, which occupies the central area of the bigger zone. Players take damage if they stay in this smaller zone

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The Bluehole Mode itself can be modified to be more dangerous or less depending on the players and tournament

This means players can’t simply run straight to the middle of the zone and hide out there until the end of the match while camping out and taking shots at unsuspecting players rushing to safety. The new zone adds an entirely new element to the game when it comes to combat in the zone, and this could lead to people choosing to risk the zone to avoid the end-game gunfights.

Bluehole Mode in other BR games

You could imagine Bluehole Mode being present in the Battle Royale genre, that goes far beyond PUBG Mobile alone. Games like COD Mobile, COD Warzone, Fortnite and more could benefit from this anti-camping mechanic should the problem becomes more pronounced.

While it can be exciting to fight for the center of the zone throughout the match in Battle Royale games, which is a center that moves around slightly in PUBG Mobile, Bluehole Mode prevents the kind of camping that punishes players who actually play the game and not just milk the mechanics.

Thanks to the usefulness of this mechanic, it would probably stay in PUBG Mobile permanently, as we head towards Season 13 and beyond. Even if the mode proves too disrupting for most players, it should be modified instead of being discarded entirely.

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Even if players don't like how punishing it is, it can be modified instead

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