Trash talking in online games, especially competitive esports games such as PUBG Mobile, DOTA 2, or CS:GO has already become a very common thing. experience for many players. These games require players to have a great amount of focus and effort in order to achieve victory over the other teams so most people will lose their calm and manner easily.  However, while a normal player can be muted in-game as a punishment for most of the time, this behavior is unacceptable for an influencer.

A few days ago, caster Mannu 'Krat' Karki was found using abusive language, violence threat in a CS:GO match toward Rushant Malhotra, a man who used to work for NODWIN Gaming as an event admin. In the chat log of Krat, we can clearly see that he make fun of Rushant about his previous works with NODWIN Gaming. Even worse, other members of Krat's team even threatened to attack and rape the family member of the other team.

37022 Krat 1
The chat log of Krat and his teammates toward their opponents

Such behaviors are uncivilized and unacceptable for such a big public figure like Krat as it will set a very bad example and create a bad image for the Indian community in India. Even if Krat tried to make an apology after everything is exposed, he can't avoid the punishment from his own organization.

NODWIN Gaming announces that they have fired Krat immediate because of the incident

As soon as NODWIN Gaming received the news about this incident, they have responded immediately and fired Krat immediately. He has been a familiar face in the Indian gaming community for a long time and it also means that his responsibility and consequence for his own actions are also bigger.

Not only Krat but many pro PUBG Mobile players in the Indian community such as ScoutOP, ReGaLToS, Sangwan and even Ghatak have gotten themselves into controversies for insulting other people. This is a great example to remind everyone about the consequences of being toxic to other players while playing games.