In esports games, it is very easy for players to become over-excited, especially when they made it through an unbelievable difficult situation. It can be very hard to keep calm and be respectful in a game like PUBG Mobile during tense moments.

Rage Gamer
In many esports games, there are a lot of stressful moments which can make players lose their calm

However, it is a very important quality to have for a professional esports player because they are not only casual players but the images of a community with millions of people. All kinds of toxic behavior from a player toward other teams are unprofessional and unacceptable as they can possibly tear the community apart. But bad things happen to the best of us, even if it is team SouL.

Team SouL and Team INES Controversy

During a match on Sanhok, team INES managed to wipe out Team SouL. Later on, 2 teams encountered once again in another match on Sanhok. But this time around, Team SouL was the on who won the battle. Not only that, MortaL alone killed the whole INES team when his teammates were all knocked. The fight was intensive and MortaL has made the impossible happened, making both ReGaLToS and Sangwan went off. Those two then started insulting team INES with bad words such as "bsdk"  and calling them "free kills."

Pubg Soul Chicken Dinner
People love Team SouL not only because they were one of the best but also because of MoraL and his personality

Team Soul was famous for not only their skills but also their calm, positive vibe they have, especially under the lead of MortaL. No one could have expected one of the most beloved PUBG Mobile team in India, Team SouL could have done such disrespectful things to their opponent.

Needless to say, team INES was furious and made a video to call out this behavior from team SouL. You can watch the video below.

Immediately after MortaL was aware of the video, he immediately left a comment to say sorry to team INES, explaining that it was just the heat of the moment and they didn't really mean it. It was such an expected response from a polite person like MortaL. Even though MortaL didn't do anything, he took the responsibility for what his teammates did and apologized.

Mortal Sorry
MortaL left a comment below the video to sorry team INES immediately

Not only MortaL. but Aman also said sorry to team INES on his stream on behalf of his teammates for their behavior.

Fans' reaction to the incident

At first, lots of people were disappointed with their favorite team and apologized to team INES for the incident. Some even compared this behavior to the Sixless controversy recently while some thought that it was just a small mistake.

The reactions of the fans about the behavior o fReGaLToS and Sangwan were mixed

However, as soon as MortaL apologized, everyone respected him for going forward and taking the matter head-on. People not only didn't hate, but they also loved him even more as he once again proved his maturity as the leader of Team SouL and a professional player. MortaL is truly the soul of Team SouL and surely he will get even more fans after this incident.

Let's hope that after this incident is over, things like this won't happen again and everyone has learned their lesson. It doesn't matter it is your teammates or your opponents, always be polite and maintain the sportsmanship.