There is a huge drama is going on right now between the Indian PUBG Mobile community vs a North America PUBG Mobile pro player from Cloud 9, Brandon Cole ‘Sixless’ Patterson. Let's go deeper into the ongoing Sixless Controversy.

At first, it was just an argument between some PUBG Mobile fans from India with the Cloud 9 PUBG Mobile player. SouL Aman noticed this and called him out on the stream. After that, Sixless went over his head and posted multiple stories on his Instagram, insulting the whole Indian PUBG Mobile community. This action of him has made lots of fans in Indian angry and start spamming his social media to fight back.  You can check out his posts below.

Sixless Controversy
Sixless started the fight with the Indian PUBG Mobile community with his posts
Sixless Controversy
Sixless Controversy: Sixxless insults team SouL and Mortal on his social media

In his posts, he said that "Sout, Jonathan and daljitsk are the only Indian players who can compete at a world level, the rest of them just choke." He also mocked team SouL and Mortal for going 12th place in the last PMCO by saying "FNC and entity are the only teams who can do anything at a global level, the rest of the just get 12th place every time."

Sixless Controversy
Sixless make fun of Indian fans for being mindless and toxic

But the guy didn't stop there, he also made fun of Indian fans for being toxic, mindless. Of course, these posts couldn't get away without going viral through the Indian PUBG Mobile community. As a result, Indian fans have been flocking his Instagram account on every post with hate comments.

Sixless Controversy
Sixless Controversy: Indian fans got angry because of Sixless posts

While what Sixless said was not entirely true and it was indeed a very ignorant action from him, we need to stay calm and not taking his words too seriously. Plus, he did have a point when talking about the toxicity of some Indian fans toward team SouL when their performance was poor. The best thing we should do now is to get over with this controversy and move on.

Below are the reactions of Indian pro PUBG Mobile players about this incident.

Sixless Controversy
Carry is still very angry about it

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