PUBG Mobile’s developers are trying their best in improving the game, with a lot of new features and cosmetics released periodically. According to the online teasers on their Social Media accounts, players can now be able to acquire the Aurora Pulse M16A4 or the Dark-Ops set.

The striking neon theme of the M16A4 is actually pretty unique compared to the usual PUBG Mobile skins

These are amongst the best items ever released into the game to date, with the Aurora Pulse M16A4 being Cyberpunk Neon Themed. The Dark-Ops set is a set of camouflage costumes that can help its wearer blend into the environment more easily. Looks like this is a suit to complement the newly released Arctic Mode - enemies would definitely have a harder time when trying to detect you in the snowy land.

The new Dark-Ops Agent Set is going to be super useful if you managed to get it

The Dark-Ops Agent Set is a part of the Premium Crate drop list – you would need to buy premium crates for a chance to unlock this one. The Aurora Pulse, however, is in the Lucky Spin section – players have to spend 60 UC for each time. The M16A4 is one of the most commonly used weapons in PUBG Mobile – you would definitely get a lot of uses from this skin.

Pubg Mobile 0 18 0 Update Details Release Date New
A lot of new contents are going to be part of this BIG update

These two items are probably going to be the item highlight of this 0.18.0 update. This is one of the biggest patch PUBG Corp. has ever released:  Miramar 2.0 is finally out with Racing Ramp, Golden Mirado, Water City, and Vending Machine. New Evo Ground modes Safety Scramble along with Jungle Adventure mode would also spike up the usual gameplay.

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