PUBG Mobile's developers have finally listened to fans - a new mode called Ranked Arena is going to be part of the game very soon. The arena TDM maps have been one of the more popular PUBG Modes ever since the game was released. The only bad thing about it is that players would have to forgo gaining ranks in Classic, as Arena modes do not give any ranking points.

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Ranked Arena section in PUBG Mobile

The Ranked Arena would only be activated for a limited period of time, however. It looks like the devs are still testing this feature. Any arena modes can work - players would be able to gain ranking points by playing TDM, Domination, etc. Below are the full details of the Ranked Arena Mode Event:

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This mode would only last for a limited time

The event would begin on April 21 and last until May 5, 2020.

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The experimental loadout feature

A new menu called Ranked Arena would appear in the map section of the game. In this menu, players can pick between Assault, Domination Mode or Team Deathmatch. A full squad is required for this mode, and players would not be able to choose the exact game mode themselves - a random mode would be assigned to them. Similar to Call of Duty Mobile, there would be a "loadout" option that the players get to pick - they would spawn inside the game with that set of gear only.

The highest tier possible for Ranked Arena is Ace - the title would be rewarded to players based on their performances in-game. Tiers rewards would be given every time you reach a new tier and at the end of the season, for the highest tier you have passed. Overall, this would be a big opportunity for fans of the arcade modes to prove themselves and push this game mode into the game proper.

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