PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the biggest mobile games in the world right now. It just enjoyed its first anniversary earlier this month and has made headlines several times in India of late due to a lot of controversies. Here is a brief summary of everything that has happened around PUBG Mobile in recent times.

PUBG Mobile: Season 6 and one year anniversary

Tencent Games recently added update 0.11.5 to PUBG Mobile, which marks the beginning of season 6 as well as bringing a new event to celebrate the game turning one year old. This event allows players to light firework and enjoy a birthday party on Spawn Island.

Pubg Anniversary
PUBG Mobile recently celebrated its first birthday

Moreover, birthday cakes will appear during the matches, which players can collect and later exchange for special rewards. Other additions include a new royale pass, a new rifle – the G36C – to Vikendi, dynamic weather to Miramar and Erangel and, and a new vehicle – the Tuksai – to Sanhok.

The game is reportedly getting a 6-hour playtime limit in India

Shortly after the update, many players reported that they’d received random pop-ups during their games saying that they’d played for 6 hours on that day and had to come back later. This caused a lot of displeasure among the PUBG Mobile community as some claimed that they got this health warning way before the actual 6 hours limit, sometimes even after playing for only half an hour. Apparently, this issue was only present in India. There are no reported cases of players from other regions experiencing the same problem.

Pubg Mobile Time Limit
The game is implementing a 6-hour playtime limit in India?

Apologies from the developers

When the problem was reported on social media, Tencent Games acted quickly and removed this pop-up message, claiming it was a system error. The PUBG Mobile India twitter page then tweeted an apology for the problems that it caused. Still, this implies that the developers are planning to implement a playtime limit on PUBG Mobile to combat criticism that the game is leading to addiction and violence in India.

Pubg Muslim Compare
The in-game birthday crates reportedly look like the Kaaba

In other news, PUBG Mobile also unintentionally enraged a lot of Muslim players because the newly-added Birthday Crates in the game looked like the Kaaba, an Islamic holy site. Once again, the developers responded immediately after being informed, taking down the crate and promising to redesign it as soon as possible.