PUBG Mobile’s 0.18.0 patch with the Mad Miramar update has been pretty popular, and the sheer number of changes made has turned Miramar into something much more exciting. On Miramar 2.0, you can find a lot of unique stuff like the Golden Mirado and an array of Vending Machines scattered all across the map. In this article, we would list everything you need to know about the vending machines.

The Mad Miramar update brought a lot of new unique features

1 – What are those Vending Machines in PUBG Mobile

These strategically placed machines are energy drink dispensers – if you are lucky, 8 of those could drop out in just a single attempt. These drinks serve as an alternate source of regeneration to boost a character’s health if they do not have bandages or First aid kits.

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Energy drinks are pretty good if you have a lot of it

Each machine can only be activated for a certain number of times. Players would need to find another one if the machine they are interacting with is not responsive.

2 - How to find vending machines on Miramar

These things spawn in random locations on the map. While some spots have a better spawn rate than others, heading to a single place every time is not a viable way to get more energy drinks. According to PUBG Mobile official, zones like Arenas, Casino, Motels, Gas Stations, and Commercial Buildings are likely to have a vending machine. Below are the five most likely spots for them to spawn every match:

  • Pecado Arena
  • El Ajahar Small Compounds
  • Buildings Near Pecado
  • San Martin Restaurants
  • Los Leones Offices
A map for all the possible drop locations

You can gain achievements by getting energy drinks from Vending machines. Jackpot would be unlocked if you get 8 energy drinks from one try of the machine. On the other hand, Sold Out would be unlocked if the machine runs out of drinks.

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