The Skyesports Grandslam PUBG Mobile Invitation has finally over with the comeback victory of Team IND. Although team SouL has always been in the lead for 3 days, Team IND managed to get past them on the very last day and became the winner, taking home Rs 2.5 Lakh.

Team IND became the champion of the Skyeports Grand Slam in the very last day

Team IND finished with 207 points with 85 kills. Although they only got 1 Chicken Dinner, they have been consistently staying in the top 3 throughout the tournament and waiting for a chance to take the top position.

Team SouL was the runner-up, which is a little bit sad, but still a great result nonetheless

Team SouL finished second with 24 points less than Team IND in the end. While the team didn't win, it's still great to see them got a high placement in a big tournament right before when the PUBG Mobile Pro League is about to resume.

In the third place was team Mayhem with a total of 171 points and 54 kills. While their number of kills wasn't very impressive among the top 10 teams, they got 2 Chicken Dinner and it helped them a lot with their placement points.

Skyesports Grandslam PUBG Mobile Invitation Final Overall Standings

TSM-Entity somehow placed surprisingly low in this tournament while being one of the best PUBG Mobile team in India. Maybe they were trying some new strategies for the big tournament.

Skyesports Grandslam PUBG Mobile Invitation Final Overall Standings

IND Snax and IND Trance were the 2 players with the most kill in the entire tournament. They got 29 kills and 27 kills respectively.

Kill leaders of the Skyeports Grandslam

ScoutOP (not SouL.SouL.Harmandeep) was back and climbed his way to the top with 23 kills. but for some reason, he didn't use the FNC tag in his name anymore.

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