PUBG crown effect is a reward for players who reach the crown tier in the previous season. PUBG crown tier is one of the highest ranks in this battle royale game. You need to make great effort and pocket some tips and tricks to reach the crown in PUBG. Here are the top must-know tips to get crown tier in PUBG and get a crown effect. Check them out with

What Is PUBG Crown Effect?

Crown tier is the third-highest tier in PUBG, after Conqueror and Ace. You need to invest time and effort to reach this tier and get many exclusive and attractive rewards. In PUBG mobile, players have to reach 3700 points to reach the trier Crown V and get crown tier reward. In PUBG Mobile season 13, which has arrived since last week, you will get a Season 13 crown name tag. Moreover, crown tier rewards also include 1300 silver fragments, 3 tier protection cards, and an Epic team effect.

Crown Tier In Pubg
Crown Tier In PUBG

The crown tier has five divisions, from V to I. Once you get 3700 points, you reach crown V and your tier will be recorded. After playing 5 matches in this tier, you will get all these rewards. But you can only unlock the name tag and the PUBG crown effect when the new season begins.

The Epic team effect is only active in the lobby in duo or squad mode. It’s a cool emote when a PUBG crown player will appear and turn around before standing in the lobby. Once you reach the crown tier, you can use this effect in the next season.

How To Use PUBG Crown Effect?

The crown effect of Epic will be automatically activated when you get the crown tier in the previous season. Moreover, you can use the crown name tag of the previous season to show off your tier with other players. To equip the name tag in PUBG Mobile, you go to the profile setting section by tapping on the avatar and choose Edit. Then, go to the Name Tag section and choose the name tag for the crown player and choose to equip it.

Pubg Mobile Crown Effect
The Crown effect in PUBG Mobile will appear when you reach the crown tier in the previous season

But keep in mind that both the name tag and the crown effect are only live in the next season. Besides, when you reach Ace tier, you get the ace effect of Legendary. And if you can reach Conqueror tier, the game rewards you a team effect of Mythic. The tier effects are only available in the crown tier and above. So, if you want to get at least one team effect to show off in the lobby, try to reach the crown, ace, or conqueror tiers.

How To Reach PUBG Crown Tier?

Crown tier is a high rank in PUBG, as mentioned above. In PUBG Mobile, you need to get 3700 rank points to reach this tier and get PUBG crown effect. The rank point milestones you need to gather to reach each division in crown tiers are 3700 (Crown V), 3800 (Crown IV), 3900 (Crown III), 4000 (Crown II), and 4100 (Crown I). Once you get 4200, you reach the Ace tier.

You Can Get A Name Tag And Team Effect
You can get a name tag and team effect of Epic at when reaching the crown tier in PUBG Mobile

It’s pretty challenging to gather such a large number of rank points and reach this high tier in PUBG Mobile. But if you have these tips and focus on pushing rank right from the start, you can reach the crown soon.

Occupy Higher Places To Spot Enemies And Camp

This is the first tip to reach PUBG crown tier soon. When you are in higher places, you have an advantage over your enemies in most combat. When you are in lower positions, your view will be limited. Besides, you shouldn’t run without covers. Because you can be an easy target and in the shooting range of enemies.

Parachute And Land Wisely

Another tip to play like a pro player and get the PUBG crown effect is parachuting wisely. Mark the position you want to land on the map and head to that point. Why parachuting, you should turn around to check the surrounding area to know the number and position of enemies. After landing, rush to find armor and weapons first in case you have to engage in early combat.

Parachute And Land Wisely
Parachute And Land Wisely

Loot The Airdrop Wisely

You can use the airdrop as a trap to kill the enemies. If you are near the airdrop, you can stay camp in the surrounding area and wait for enemies to come for looting and kill them. Or else, you need to be careful when looting the airdrops. Stay alert because there may be some enemies camping around to kill you. To loot the airdrop safely, you should use some smoke grenades to make a good cover for you.

Loot The Airdrop Wisely
Loot The Airdrop Wisely

Don’t Stand Still When Looting

Another tip to get crown tier and get the PUBG crown effect is moving when looting supplies. Most players often standstill when looting supplies. Then, they can become an easy target with the enemies. So, you should keep moving around and switch between stand and sit to make it hard for enemies to headshot you. In grassland in Sanhok map, you can prone to loot and use the high grass as a great cover for you.

Keep Moving When Looting Supplies
Keep Moving When Looting Supplies

Revive And Heal

When you revive your teammate and heal your HP, you also get survival points in the total match result. So, when you take damage from the enemies or the electric zone, keep using medkits, energy drinks, painkillers, and other healing items. You also get rank points to rank up and reach PUBG crown tier soon. Moreover, it’s important to keep your HP full. If the HP bar is low, you can be killed easily in combat.

Revive Teammate To Earn Rank Points
Revive Teammate To Earn Rank Points

These are things you need to know about the crown tier and how to get the PUBG crown effect. Pocket these tips to play like a pro player and reach high tier soon. To update the latest PUBG game news and more tips for PUBG players, let’s visit our website.