PUBG Mobile has been really successful in India ever since its launch back in 2018, bringing the world-famous battle royale gameplay to Indian gamers with mobile accessibility. The pro scene of the game has been growing steadily since then, with Tencent pumping money into it at regular intervals. In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 best PUBG players in India and their stories.

10 – Best PUBG Players In India: Franky

Despite being a relatively new name in the PUBG Mobile Pro scene, Franky has made a lot of ripples in just a short period of time. The guy managed to impress everyone with his personal skills with weapons in PUBG Mobile, translating it to extreme precision. With the addition of Franky to their current roster, Fnatic is going to be one of the most dangerous teams in the upcoming PMPL.

Best PUBG Mobile Player in India
Best PUBG Mobile Player in India: Franky

9 – Best PUBG Players In India: Hastar

Gopal “Hastar” Sarda, formerly known as Carry, is a professional PUBG Mobile player and currently a leader of team Godlike Esports. The guy started his journey with the Indian Tigers squad and was also formerly a part of Orange Rock for a short period of time. With the Tigers, he represented the country at PMCO’s Global Stage of Spring Split Prelims.

top 10 pubg players in india
Top 10 PUBG Players in India: Hastar

Recently, Hastar managed to become the MVP of PMCO India Finals 2020, with a whopping 33 kills to his name - this achievement makes him one of India’s top Assaulters. Hastar plays PUBG Mobile using a 4 fingers claw setup without a gyroscope.

8 – Best PUBG Players In India: Smxkie

Shekhar "Smxkie" Patil is probably the oldest PUBG Mobile player in the pro scene of the country. The guy began his journey at Team INS and had provided some very stellar performances. Smxkie is extremely good - the guy can remain unfazed when pressured and his long-range sprays are lethal. While Smxkie can lead, in his current team, GodLike, Hastar is the leader.

who is the best pubg player in india
Who is the best PUBG player in India: Smxkie

7 – Best PUBG Players In India: Daljitsk

Daljit "Daljitsk" Singh is currently in the roster of Orange Rock Esports. The guy has proven to be a super consistent player, with stellar performances in both seasons of PMCO.

top 10 pubg players in india
Top 10 PUBG players in India: Daljitsk

Daljitsk’s best attributes are his quick reflexes and eagle eyes – he barely missed any sniper shots. The guy is probably the best sniper PUBG Mobile India has ever produced. His debut was 2019’s PMCO Spring Split, claiming the second spot with team IND. Daljitsk was definitely a big part of the team’s victory, as he is on top of the fraggers board, surpassed a great many established veterans of the scene.

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6 – Best PUBG Players In India: Slayer

Kanishk "Slayer" Shah, hailing from Kolkata, is currently playing for TeamIND. The guy is pretty respected and popular – he serves as a filter for team IND, brings into the squad much-needed experience. Kanishk was also a former member of team SouL, the most popular PUBG squad in India.

top 10 best pubg players in india
Top 10 Best PUBG Players in India: Slayer

5 – Best PUBG Players In India: Clutchgod

Vivek Aabhas "ClutchGod" Horo is currently a part of PUBG Mobile India’s strongest squad, TSM-Entity. ClutchGod rose into the spotlight after his extremely strong performance during PMIS 2019, finished on top of the Fragger board of the tournament.

best pubg player in india list
Best PUBG player in India list: Clutchgod

The 17 years old PUBG prodigy was previously part of 2 top Indian squads, SouL and 8bit. Despite joining Soul just a week before PMCO South Asia Finals, he managed to blend in almost perfectly with the playstyle of the team and led them into a top 2 finish gaining a ticket to the Global Finals of PMCO.

Currently, Clutchgod is part of a 3 frontline assaulter lineup in team Entity. And with Ghatak coaching, Clutchgod definitely would be one of India’s best hope in the global tournaments.

4 - Best PUBG Players In India: Owais

Mohammed "Owais" Lakhani is one of the best all-round players in the pro scene of PUBG Mobile India. The guy was part of Team SouL’s best lineup – they were uncontested for the most part of 2019.

who is the best pubg player in india
Who is the best PUBG Player in India: Owais

However, due to some unfortunate events, a split was created in the team. Owais along with his buddy Ronak parted ways with Soul and went to Scout to create a new team named Xspark (picked up by Fnatic afterward).

Owais has an excellent ability as a captain but often overshadowed by Mortal during his time in SouL. In Fnatic, his leading ability is a big part of the squad’s victory during PMAS 2019. To every member of the team, his mantra is to be positive at all times. This ability has helped Owais in drawing out the potential of team members in the big stages.

3 – Best PUBG Players In India: Mortal

Naman "Mortal" Sandeep Mathur is pretty much the most recognizable name in the India PUBG Mobile community, due to his achievements both in-game and outside the games. 2019 was a good year for Soul – despite all the roster problems, they still managed to get a spot in the biggest international tournament of PUBG Mobile. While their overall placement is not the best, they remain the only Indian team that has scored a chicken dinner on the global stage.

Top 10 Best PUBG Players in India
Top 10 Best PUBG Players in India: Mortal

Mortal is probably amongst the best captains in the scene today – he is also a full-time streamer on YouTube with 4 million subscribers.

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2 – Best PUBG Players In India: Sc0utOP

Tanmay "Sc0utOP" Singh is currently part of Fnatic. Scout is an amazing player – the number of times that he managed to drop everyone’s jaws to the floor is extremely high. His skills with gyro control are pretty much unmatched. With his first LAN victory at PMAS 2019, it is expected that Scout would go even further in his career this year, leaving all others in the dust.

top pubg player in india
Top PUBG Players in India: Scout

1 – Best PUBG Players In India: Jonathan

Jonathan Jude "JONATHAN" Amaral was the MVP of Entity Gaming in last year’s international stage at PMCO – that alone brings the guy to the number one spot on this list. Jonathan’s amazing fragging ability has earned him the #4 spot on the global MVP leaderboard – part of the reason Entity managed to get the fifth spot. Besides his fragging ability, Jonathan can also do very well at short and mid-range fights, which pretty much made him a master of all trades without any weaknesses.

india's best pubg player
India's best PUBG Player: Jonathan

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