To survive in PUBG Mobile or any FPS games in general, you need to not getting spotted and shot at. To avoid that, positioning and awareness are key. However, as you can change your character’s appearance in PUBG, your chances of getting spotted could be reduced. In this guide, we would list out some of the best camo gear for all maps in PUBG Mobile and how you can get them.

1 – Erangel

It is best that you ditch the flashy colors and get a basic set of clothing to blend in with all the greenery in Erangel’s grassland. Ideal colors would be anything dark or mixed with shades of green. There is a reason that combat troops in real-life use of those colors. This would let you conceal your presence amongst the foliage or under the shadows of objects.

This player character is highly indistinguishable from the environment he is in - as Erangel is filled with grassland and rocks similar to this

Below are the best outfits for fighting in Erangel:

Soldier’s Crate: Dirty Tank Top, Urban Padded Jacket, Striped T-Shirt

Classic Crate: Army Green Jeans, Camo Padded Jacket

2 – Miramar

It is not recommended to wear jackets in Miramar, as there are no items with the correct color scheme that could help you blend. The best combination for this area is light-colored tops along with beige or khaki trousers. If you could find something sand-colored, it would be even better, as the desert zones have unsaturated colors. You shouldn’t wear something weird like a horse mask, as it would make your position easier to spot.

Hide in the sand and stones of Miramar with those yellow-brown colors on both weapons and outfits

Blend into the sands of Miramar with these outfits:

Premium Crate: Brown Jeans, Police Shirt

Classic Crate: Slaughter

Soldier’s Crate: Dirty White Tank Top, Beige Cargo Pants

3 – Sanhok

You can use the same items for Erangel in Sanhok, as both maps have similar shades of green and various shadow zones. However, they are still a little bit different, so some new sets of clothes to switch around would still be better. You could also pick some lighter clothes for this map if you plan on landing into compounds such as Bootcamp.

Maxresdefault 1
A Green combo is pretty great in Sanhok as well, however, you might want to pick a darker shade, as Sanhok is slightly different

Get these items to hide in the jungle of Sanhok:

Soldier’s Crate: Urban Padded Jacket, Long Sleeved Black T-Shirt, Floral Shirt, Bloody Combat Pants

Classic Crate: Green Pants

4 – Vikendi

Vikendi is vastly different from previous maps, with its every zone being completely white. In this map, you can either wear white yourself or going in dull shades to blend in with the snow. Bright colors, of course, are not recommended.

Blending in Vikendi is pretty easy, with the only rule being "wear all shades of white and grey"

Hide your tracks in Vikendi using these outfits:

Classic Crate: Crystal Bandit Suit, White Combat Pants, White Bathrobe.

Premium Crate: Urban Pants, Medical Robe

Beside the gears, there are a few more tips for character creation and maps:

The female body type is smaller and therefore less visible. Hitboxes remain the same, however. Darker skins shades also help in green areas with a lot of shadows, while lighter shades are for less shadowy maps like Miramar or Vikendi

About headgear – it is best that you going in bald or wearing a dark-colored hat like a brown beanie.

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