PUBG Mobile gives you a chance to get 1800 free UC with a bonus challenge. UC is one of the main currencies in this game which you use to purchase things in this game. But you cannot earn it by winning matches or completing missions. Most of the time, players have to pay real cash to buy UC. But now, you can get 1800 UC for free. Check out how to earn it here with

Get 1800 Free UC With Indian Bonus Challenge In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile brings players a chance to get a sum of 1800 free UC with Indian Bons Challenge on the Erangel map. To join the challenge and get attractive rewards, you need to collect Bonus Challenge vouchers. Then, you can play solo, duo, or squad matches in Classic Bonus Challenge. 

Pubg Mobile Indian Bonus Challenge
PUBG Mobile Indian Bonus Challenge

The Classic Bonus Challenge has three levels with different requirements and rewards. The first level, Novice, costs you 1 Bonus Challenge Voucher. You collect 15 kill points per enemy killed. When you collect 200 points, you win the challenge and get 1000 battle coins. The second level, Adept, costs you 2 vouchers and gives you 30 points per kill. You will win and get 2000 battle coins when collecting 450 points. Then, you need to pay 3 vouchers to play the last level, Expert, and get 3000 battle coins for 700 points. At this level, you collect 45 points per kill.

Pubg Mobile India Bonus Challenge Uc Reward
Join and win UC rewards

The TDM Warehouse Bonus Challenge also has three similar levels with the same voucher requirements. But the points per kill, win points, and rewards are different from that of the Classic Bonus Challenge. At the Novice level, you will get 3 points per kill and have to collect 120 points to win 240 battle coins. The second level gives the winner 480 battle points if they collect enough 240 points. At this level, you earn 6 points per kill. At the Expert level, you get 720 battle coins when collecting enough 360 points. But you only get 3 points per kill.

Then, players can use these battle coins to redeem for 1800 UC or rare weapon skins and outfits. The developers will refresh the set of outfits and gun skins every two months.