MortaL is one of the most popular PUBG Mobile streamers and players in India. He has proved his skill many times during big tournaments such as the PMCO Fall Split and most recently, the India Today League.

Team SouL with MortaL went second in the PUBG Mobile India Today League

Now, MortaL has just released a video on his Youtube channel to share with everyone 5 new tips and tricks for new PUBG Mobile players. You can check out the full video below.

  • Choose a spot and stick to it: All the maps in PUBG Mobile have really big sizes so new players might feel overwhelmed so get used to every location. So instead, new players should pick a place to get used to it first before dropping to another location.
5 Tips And Tricks Of Pubg Mobile Which No One Shar
Choose a location you like and then stick to it until get used to it before dropping in another place
  • Engage in fights wisely: One thing that many people always forget to use is Grenade, but they are super helpful in tough fights.
  • Low Ping: It sounds pretty obvious but people sometimes don't care too much about this. A good ping will allow you to have an advantage over other players.
  • A Good Device: While MortaL suggest the iPhone X, which not everyone can afford. There are some other good options out there in the market at a cheaper price.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 White 600x600
There are many good options for PUBG Mobile other than iPhone
  • Predict The Zone: Normally the next safe zone will land in the place with few players so you should plan ahead to move early and get a good position.

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