Talking of the incredible capability of handling in-game difficult situations, it will be a mistake if the name JONATHAN (Jonathan Amaral) isn’t brought up. Despite his young age and only 2 years of professional gaming experience, he has been reaching the pinnacle of his career and been considered one of the best PUBG Mobile players in India. He ranked 1st in PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split 2019: South Asia and PUBG Mobile India Series 2020, and also ranked 2nd in PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: South Asia. 

Pubg Mobile Jonathan 2
Despite his young age and 2 years of experience, JONATHAN has reached high enough to be considered one of the best PUBG players in India.

JONATHAN now owns his YouTube channel which has a considerable number of fans and various videos uploaded and streams almost every day. His fans and JONATHAN himself has experienced a very intense situation while he was playing PUBG: Mobile in which his HP went down to only 1, and this also has proved that he’s truly one of the best PUBG players of the country. 


At the beginning of the video, JONATHAN and his teammates find a car and drive around while JONATHAN leans out of the car’s window to aim at an enemy. Not long after that, another car appears and both cars hit each other. The two teams then decide to show off their shooting skills. All of them leave their cars and prepare for the gunfight.

The enemy team take their chance and shoot JONATHAN’s car until it explodes and knocks out everyone in JONATHAN’s team. JONATHAN, however, has taken one enemy down before the car’s explosion. Now, he has to eliminate 3 enemies with 0 allies and only 1 HP. It obviously is not good news for him at all. But the magic is about to happen. 

He suddenly turns right and fires immediately at one enemy and takes him down. He manages to get another kill right after that moment. Finally, when it turns out to be a 1v1 situation, despite the last guy’s attempt to trick him, JONATHAN’s movements are still much faster.  

That situation probably is one of the clearest proof for his excellent skills and mind in the world of PUBG gamers.