PUBG Mobile India version has become a popular topic ever since the official announcement of the game's coming back to India. Despite not being able to play, the game still has a huge fanbase in the country and millions of gamers are on the edge of their seat waiting for the game to be released.


In this article, we would compile the various information available on the internet, along with opinions from expert streamers like Maxtern to help you get a clearer view of the timeline of this release.

1 - About PUBG Mobile Return Announcement

Back in late October, there was a series of posts announcing PUBG Mobile's return to India... with those posts having lantern and diyas in the background, people were expecting the release date to be Diwali. However, they were all disappointed - with the game being nowhere in sight.

Green blood

PUBG Corps has made a lot of changes according to demands from the Indian Government:

  • The game is going to get a censored "green blood" effect.
  • Time Limit system to control playtime of the mostly underage playerbase.
  • The company revealed its plans to invest $100M in the country to contribute to the development of the Indian video game, esports, IT, and entertainment industries. They will also hire Indians for an India Branch as well.

2 - Roadblock for PUBG Mobile India

The government is still refusing to budge on this problem - the re-release keeps getting delayed further and further. Based on a leak from popular streamer/influencer Maxtern, if PUBG Mobile India's release gets delayed past March 2021, it might be delayed even further because of the upcoming election. Elections are lengthy processes and the results might affect their decision of unbanning the game.

3 - When would PUBG Mobile be released?

It is expected that the game would be available in Q1 2021 to avoid the previously mentioned complications. The version is fully playable now, with various famous influencers getting access to the test version.

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