PUBG PC's season 10 is about to hit the live server... and to celebrate for this occasion, PUBG Corps. is releasing a brand new map called Haven. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this map and whether or not it would come to PUBG Mobile.

1 - Overview of Haven's features

General details

Haven is going to be the smallest map in PUBG at 1x1 km, replacing Karakin. This is probably the trend currently, with PUBG's player base dwindled down... The maps have been shrinking from the usual 8x8 km of Erangel to 4x4 Sanhok, 2x2 Karakin... and now 1x1 Haven. For its size, the maximum number of players on the map is only 32.

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The map is going to be a sprawling industrial city complete with factories, tall buildings, and a residential district - you can say that it is a version of the cities that often appear in PUBG's other maps.

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New features

A new hostile AI faction called "the Pillar" would be the focus of this map. There would be a helicopter roaming the skies...and groups of dangerous attackers roaming the map in armored trucks. The Helicopter is actually a spotter - if you are detected, it would shine a light that lures the armored trucks over to your location

Pubg New Neue Map Haven Trailer

There would be valuable supply caches scattered on the map... however, they are under guard by these AIs and you have to fight them for access.

Haven is currently limited for solo and duos - due to its nature of being a "Seasonal map", it would leave the game after season 10 ends.

2 - Would this map come to PUBG Mobile?

Highly unlikely. After the release of Livik, PUBG Mobile's first exclusive map, it looks like the game is not going to follow the PC version anymore. Karakin, a map that was released on PC a year ago, still hasn't been added.

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