Fans of PUBG Mobile in India has been on a rollercoaster of emotions in the last two months. Following the ban of the game in September, the entire community was devastated, pro-gamers and influencers flocked to other titles to keep their fan base. Earlier this month, PUBG Corporation shed light on the Indian version of the game. After the announcement, the fans can now rejoice as their favorite mobile BR game is making its way back to the country.

Pubg India Release Leak 8

The new game will feature some changes in the in-game content to meet locals' needs and preferences. It has been more than two weeks since the announcement, and we have not received any update on the exact release date of the title.

PUBG Mobile Indian Version's Early Access May Not Be Available for the General Audience

Recently, the famous PUBG Mobile content creator, Maxtern, claimed he received a copy of the Indian version in a tweet. The YouTuber also said that several other influencers were also selected for the same favor of receiving the PUBG Mobile India application. He then deleted the tweets and posted a clarification about them.

Maxtern's deleted tweets

PUBG Mobile Indian Version May Be Released on Google Play Store Directly

So, there is a possibility that the Indian specific version may not offer early access for the general audience. Only selected influencers/players have the chance to try them out, and perhaps give us an overview.

gem esports news
GEM eSports claims

As per a post by Gem Esports, the review team received a notification on Google Play Store. They posted it on Instagram. According to the sources, the game will hit live as soon as the developers upload it. Subsequently, there are chances that the PUBG Mobile Indian version may be available on the Google Play Store directly.