PUBG Moblie or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game is an online multiplayer battle royal game. In this game, in the maximum of 100 players will battle with others in order to be the last person or the last team to survive. PUBG Mobile is available on both iOS and Android for everyone.

1Just released in a year but PUBG Mobile is a massive hit

PUBG Mobile is officially turning one year old next week. To congratulate this anniversary, Tencent Games announced that it would add some special material in the game. PUBG Mobile was originally released on March 19th last year and soon went on to become one of the most well-known mobile games with a strong player base. The number of PUBG players is still increasing day by day, especially in India.

2PUBG first anniversary is coming

As you open PUBG Mobile. you will see that a new layout is already available for the menus and lobby. It is somewhat like a party with tons of neon light and a very big board with the words "1st Anniversary" in the back, which is no doubt intended as a birthday party for the game. Rare items have also appeared for players. They can be purchased in the ‘Discount Fever’ section. These include PUBG Platinum Crate coupon, Time Traveler Kar98K, and a special Anniversary Parachute. Moreover, as you land on the Erangel map, you can see different party decorations too.

3As with other events, special skin will be available

A special background score is available for PUBG players. However, if you don’t like it, you can change back to the Resident Evil 2-based theme anytime you want. We are looking forward to seeing some new additions when the celebrating day is coming so close.

No unique items are found in crates. However, we could see an extremely slick looking new costume that may or may not be related to the PUBG’s birthday. Arachnoid Set is the name of this costume. It has purple and white suits along with boots. There are also an Arachnoid helmet and mask in this set. Moreover, there are special skins for parachute and the Kar98K.