Since PUBG Mobile failed to run on low-end and dirt-cheap devices, Garena's developers have already created a toned-down version named PUBG Mobile Lite to directly take on its rival competitor, Garena Free Fire. In spite of that, the successor still shares a slew of similarities with the original version. In this article, here we cast a glance at everything about PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass.

Season 19 Pubg Mobile Lite
It's time to triumph over your foes during the winter festival of PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19.

What is the PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass?

Before heading to the main topic, we want to reiterate the use of Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite for those who are newcomers to the game. Winner Pass is quite a re-styled form of the well-known Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile, which lets players increase XP and acquire numerous rewards by completing daily missions or challenges.

Also, the Winner Pass can always be found in PUBG Mobile Lite, but at a particular time, it comes with different rewards based on each in-game season, which is launched at the beginning of the month and lasts for one month.

Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass

PUBG Mobile Lite has witnessed eighteen Seasons come along with it, and now it’s time for the Season 19 Winner Pass.

Note: Unlike PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass, the maximum level you can rank up with the Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile only reach Level 30, considering that you can climb to Level 100 in PUBG Mobile. However, in the patch notes of the 0.20.0 update, the developers claimed that the highest rank of the Winner Pass was increased from Level 30 to Level 40.

Pubg Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass Rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass release date & end date

The Season 19 Winner Pass has just gone live on December 1st and as usual, it’ll be available in one month and will be closed on December 31st.

In the Season 19 Winner Pass, players have two options to choose from: the Elite Upgrade and the Elite Upgrade Plus. While the Elite Upgrade comes with an affordable price tag of 280 BC, players will be set back 800 BC in case of purchasing the Elite Upgrade Plus.

Pubg Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass

Try to unlock the rewards from the Season 19 Winner Pass as soon as possible because it’ll be locked after PUBG Mobile Lite puts an end to the ongoing Season 19.

Note: There is also a free variant of the Pass available, but it does not offer as many exclusive rewards as the paid ones.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass rewards

With the Winner Pass, players will stumble upon the chance to experience tons of brand new reward items in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19. Here’s the list of such lucrative items for you:

Winter Wonderland Finish
Winter Wonderland Plane Finish
Wintertime Uaz
Wintertime UAZ
  • Winter Wonderland Plane Finish
  • Brilliant Trigger Plane Finish
  • Hot Pizza Helmet
  • Arachnoid Helmet
  • Stripes UAZ Vehicle
  • Snow Bear Set
  • M164A Glacier Skin
  • Jubilant Baby Seal Helmet
  • Wintertime UAZ

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass free rewards

As we once said above, players still have the chance to win several WP rewards without spending hundreds of BC to lay hands on Elite Upgrade or Elite Upgrade Plus.

Players have to complete different missions to level up the tiers in the Winner Pass Season 19. Keep an eye on the following list to see which and how you can unlock for free:

Jubilant Baby Seal Helmet
Jubilant Baby Seal Helmet

WP Level 1: 500 BP

WP Level 2: 50 Silver

WP Level 3: 2x EXP Card: 1-Hour

WP Level 5: Jubilant Baby Seal Headgear

WP Level 7: 2x BP Card: 1-Hour

WP Level 9: 65 Silver

WP Level 10: Mission Card (Season 19)

WP Level 12: Winter Warmth Headgear

WP Level 14: 2x EXP Card: 1-Hour

WP Level 15: Winter Warmth Backpack

WP Level 17: 120 Silver

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PUBG Mobile Lite PUBG Mobile Lite Season 20 Winner Pass leaked rewards

Prior to the release of Season 20 Winner Pass, a number of WP rewards have been leaked on YouTube, including new gun skins, outfits, and many more. You can take a sneak peek at the video given below to know more about these fascinating and exclusive items:

How to upgrade the Winner Pass?

Once the next Winner Pass arrives in town, you can do the following simple steps to upgrade it in a matter of seconds:

Upgrade Winner Pass Pubg Mobile Lite

Step 1: Launch PUBG Mobile Lite on your device and press the Winner Pass icon located on the main screen.

Step 2: Tap on the Upgrade option, then choose one out of two paid Winner Pass options on your own – Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus.

Step 3: Click on the button below to confirm your choice and pay the respective amount of BC in exchange for the Winner Pass.

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