We have recently learned that PUBG Mobile is coming back to India for a few days and that is great news for lots of gamers in the country. Since then, there are a lot of discussions on whether the game will officially launch.

Pubg Mobile India 1 1
PUBG Mobile's return to India is one of the best news in the last few days.

On Diwali, PUBG Mobile India’s social media handles have shared lots of teasers for the Indian version of the game, but that is still not enough. Players are waiting for the full trailer, which hopefully provides them more details on the game’s release date and new features. 

Now, Liquipedia editor @Liquipediamemphiz has brought another piece of good news to Indian gamers. Even though it is not related to the availability of PUBG Mobile India, but it is still worth cheering for. According to Memphiz’s Instagram post, users will reportedly be able to migrate their in-app purchases and skins from the global version to the Indian version. 

This is amazing news for those who have played the global version since the PUBG Mobile ban. It means they will not have to start the game from scratch and retain what they have achieved in the global version.

On Memphiz’s video, you can see that when the user with ID 5239796758 clicked on stats, a message was quickly popped up saying that ‘The player you are viewing has migrated to PUBG Mobile India.' 

In his latest Instagram post, he attached a video showing a user in the Global server having the option to transfer their account to the Indian server. Additionally, he also suggested in one of his recent stories that a user might already have early access to PUBG Mobile India. However, all these are not from official sources, so you should take them with a grain of salt and wait for official announcements.

Pubg Mobile India Early Access
Memphiz revealed that there is at least one user having early access to PUBG Mobile India.