Zone prediction is a pro skill in PUBG Mobile. If you master this ability, you will have a great advantage in choosing a good route and position. Here are some tips to predict the next zone in this game. Check them out below with

How Does PUBG Mobile Circle Work?

Understanding the mechanism of the playing zone in PUBG Mobile, you can choose the best route and time to enter the playing zone. Moreover, you can choose the best position to head to or to camp.

  • A couple of the first zones are random. Therefore, you should land in a place where you can find a vehicle or near the center because you can easily dash into the playing zone fastly.
Play Zone
You can predict the Play Zone in PUBG Mobile to get a position advantage.
  • The following zones are predictable if you know how the playing zone mechanism works. There are 8 zones in a PUBG Mobile match. The damage of the first electric zone is low. But the damage of the electric zone increases when the diameter of the playing zone decreases.
  • From the first to fourth circles, you can heal outside the play zone because of very low damage. You can also revive your teammates in the electric zone with ease.
Pubg Mobile Damage Blue Zone Circle
The damage of the electric zone increases when the diameter of the playing zone decreases.
  • In the 5th circle, you have to rush straight to the safe zone. If you stay too far from the safe zone, you need to have a vehicle to get closer to the white circle. Keep an eye on the countdown time to know when the electric zone starts to shrink and how much time left to enter the safe zone. If you get damage from the 5th circle, use medkits or first-aid kits to heal because bandages cannot save you.
  • You can hardly revive the knocked teammate in the 5th electric zone. Both of you may die outside the play zone if both of you are far from the white circle. But you can save him if you are near the white circle.
Vehicle To Rush To The Safe Zone
Use A Vehicle To Rush To The Safe Zone
  • The damage of the 6th circle is nearly double that of the 5th circle. The player knocked inside the blue zone will definitely die. So, just head to the play zone without him. Besides, you need to use First-aid kits while running to the safe zone or you will be knocked outside the play zone, too.
  • Most games finish at the 7th circle because it causes huge damage to the players outside the play zone while the area of the safe zone is very small. 7 HP is down per second and you only have a few seconds to enter the play zone.
Last Zone
Not many games last until the last circle.
  • The 8th circle can kill you in a few seconds. Not many games last until this circle appears.

Tips To Predict The Next Playing Zone In PUBG Mobile

Obviously, you need to be able to predict the playing zone to avoid dying outside the play zone.

  • Undeniably, the next zone shrinks inside the previous zone.
Random Airdrops Reveal The Next Zone
Random Airdrops Reveal The Next Zone
  • The plane line doesn't matter the location of the first zone. You will need a vehicle to move on large maps, such as Erangel and Miramar if you prefer to loot on the edge of the map.
  • Predict the next playing zone by the location of the random airdrop. We all know that all the random airdrops in PUBG Mobile are drop inside the play zone. But not many players know that the location of the airdrop also reveals the position of the next zone. The accuracy of this method reaches up to 80%.
Keep An Eye On The Random Air Drop
Keep An Eye On The Random Airdrop When It Starts To Fall
  • You should keep close to the airdrop to have an easy way to the safe zone and camp other players.
  • The play zone won't end in the water area unless there is a bug. However, most game bugs are fixed in the latest updates.
The Circle Sometimes Shrinks Like This In Vikendi
The Circle Sometimes Shrinks Like This In Vikendi
  • Another trick is to stick to the center of the map. The circles often shrink in the central area in Erangel and Miramar. The circles in Sanhok and Vikendi often shrink near the edge of the maps, but the proportion of water area inside the playing zone is larger in Vikendi. Sometimes, you notice that half of the first circle in Vikendi is water.
A rare circle in Sanhok
  • The play zone usually shrinks around shelters, rocks, or trees so that players can take cover in the final combat. However, it occasionally shrinks in an open ground. So, you will need a vehicle or some smoke grenade to cover.