PUBG Mobile players can be involved in many panic situations during the game. If you cannot find out a great solution to that situation, you will be sent back to the lobby right away. Use these tips to manage those situations and win.

Tips To Deal With Panic Situations In PUBG Mobile

There are many dangerous situations in PUBG Mobile that can make you lose. Check out some recommended solutions to these cases below:

  • Staircase camp: It's a very popular situation in  PUBG Mobile, especially in big towns on all PUBG Mobile maps, such as Pochinki, Hospital, School, etc. in Erangel. If you run straight forwards to the upstairs, the camper will shoot you down right away. Therefore, throw any kind of throwables, such as stun, frag, or smoke grenades to make him move out of the camping location.
Throw Grenade
Throw Grenade Before Rushing The Staircase Campers
  • If you don't have any grenade, you can use a pre-fire technique to eliminate the campers. It means that you keep the fire button before you spot the enemy and rush him. Then, drag the crosshair to the enemy when he appears in your field of vision. However, you can only do pre-fire when you use hip-fire.
Solve Staircase Campers
Solve Staircase Campers
  • Open fights: Sometimes, you are also involved in some open fights without cover. Don't look for cover but just keep shooting. If you step back for a cover, enemies in the dead angle can take you down. When the enemy shoot when you have no cover, just keep moving, jumping, crouching, and dropping bullets to dodge and fire.
Keep Fighting And Never Step Back
Keep Fighting And Never Step Back
  • A squad rush: When you are hunted by a squad, hold the staircase to defend. Sit on the dead angle of the staircase and camp there. Keep the crosshair at the staircase and wait for the target. Put your finger in the fire button and get ready to headshot. If the enemy throws a stun grenade or frag grenade, get out of the damaged area and come back to the camping position quickly. Or else, you can jump out of the back window and surprise the enemy. Don't stay still and wait passively.
Excellent Camper
Excellent Staircase Camper Can Clear A Squad
  • Car chase: Don't stop in open ground and engage in an open fight if you are involved in a car chase. Just keep driving, speeding up, and dodging until you find a cover. It can be a house, rock, or tree.
Car Chase
Keep running and dodging in a car chase.